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Stirling gardner of stackt digital

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Here's the deal...

picture of a chimpanzee

You can train a chimpanzee to go into the back end of your Facebook Ad account to flip the right switches and turn the right knobs.

That’s why anyone with a laptop can hang a shingle out on social media saying they own an “agency.”

Maybe they bought a course or watched some videos and can “talk the talk,” but since you have no idea what they’re saying, you pray they aren’t lying to you.

picture of a chimpanzee

Spoiler Alert: 

Most “agencies” will tell you what you want to hear so they can get your hard earned money and “bag” another client.

Then, when you aren’t making sales or getting quality leads, the Facebook person you hired says, “everything looks great inside ads manager!”


The problem is:

You aren’t getting what you need and you have no idea why or even what questions to ask. (Doesn’t matter anyway, because they know the “smoke and mirrors” game.)

The reason you’re in this predicament is because you hired a chimp.

When what you really need is

an ad strategist

A Facebook Ad Strategist:

Knows why it works when it does

What’s wrong when it doesn’t, and can then explain it to you in layman’s terms, and most importantly, they can FIX it.

Knows your audience, your offer, and how to help you get SALES.

Understands your data, sales cycles, cashflow

and how to make it all work together, so you can stop biting your nails every month hoping not to lose money (again).

The Missing Link

An ad strategist is someone who can actually INTERPRET your data and tell you EXACTLY what it means…

Someone who can tell you PRECISELY what to improve or change in your marketing funnel so you GET THE RESULT you’re looking for.

You need a:






The Top 1%

This type of expert represents less than 1% of people calling themselves a Facebook Ads agency…

It’s the difference between a chimp and an ELITE agency.


Your Million Dollar Business

Do not waste TIME and MONEY by hiring another primate.

If you can relate to everything I said above, and you are TIRED of not getting the results you’re looking for, you’re in the RIGHT place and have finally found your “expert ad strategist.”


“Working with Stirling is like having a CMO in a box.” 

– Matt Tommey

Let’s scale your business together.

Don't just take my word for it

Here’s what Matt Tommey, a world-class sculptor, speaker, author, and founder of a million-dollar consulting company, has to say about working with Stackt Digital and Stirling Gardner. 

Have An Actual 1% Expert Scale Your Business