“I’ve been running challenges since 2014 and have been doing really well with them. I thought I knew everything about them. But Stirling and the team helped me to refine the challenge process. What he’s implemented and executed in our challenges has taken it to a whole new level

– Mark Bowness, We Build Tribes


The world’s leading authority on building purpose driven tribes?

That’s Mark Bowness.

Featured in over 200 media outlets around the world including Good Morning America and the New York Times, over 33,000 coaches, consultants, thought leaders and entrepreneurs trust Mark to create massive communities to drive impact and income.

Mark’s preferred weapon of choice for tribe building is a 5-Day challenge. The system he had honed over a couple of years was already insanely powerful. No wonder he felt that no-one could teach him anything new about them.

The Mountain

Mark’s ultimate goal is to impact a staggering 1 Billion lives through his tribe building. He is a man on the move and in a hurry. He is the best of the best when it comes to building movements and he is not playing small.

However to reach his ambitious goal, he would somehow have to accelerate the growth of his business still further. And surely there was nothing else out there that could outperform what he already had. Of course, naturally he would be interested in such a unicorn of challenge systems.. But he was skeptical such a thing actually existed.

Mark wanted to scale the business quickly and get the next million in revenue done. Any new system he would entertain to help him do that would have to be;

Who on earth would be able to meet those lofty expectations? The best on the planet come to Mark and pay him for consultations. So who could Mark go and see to accelerate his growth to reach his massive goals?

There is such a man. Stirling Gardner.

The meeting was set up.

He wasn’t expecting much, but Mark quickly realized that he was sitting across from perhaps one of the few people who could actually teach him something new about challenges.

As Stirling listened to what Mark needed, he smiled and mentally started drawing the picture that would get Mark his next $1,000,000. He thought, without missing a beat:


The Method

He was thinking of Launch Perfect™.
Launch Perfect™ is a complete, proprietary, end-to-end “challenge system” that delivers fast and predictable results for challenges. It’s perfect for ambitious coaches with enthusiastic goals.
The Launch Perfect™ process is nothing like the challenges you’ve probably seen or been a part of.
Launch Perfect™ layers in 10 specific psychological triggers that ethically bond your challenge participants with you in a way no other marketing tool can.
It is the absolute best way to take an ice-cold, never-heard-of-you prospect, serve them incredible value- in such a way that their next natural and logical step is to want to work with you. Stirling refers to it as the C.A.K.E. Framework.
5 day challenge
Mark used Launch Perfect™ and the C.A.K.E. Framework to take the knowledge he had and deliver inspiring and educational content to his audience using a series of short live videos that built connection, community and emotional reciprocity.
Launch Perfect™ was created to maximize engagement in Mark’s prospects. As more and more people poured into the funnel, they all were ‘nudged’ in the right way at the right time into converting into higher ticket customers.

The Madness

A non-Launch Perfect™ challenge could have failed simply due to the fact that no other challenge knows about the 10 psychological factors. Skip just one of them and your launch could easily flop.
Launch Perfect™ not only reached Mark’s stretch goals but smashed through them.

Mark rocketed through his next $1,000,000 of revenue, earning another 2 Comma Club from ClickFunnels.

More astounding, is that by using Launch Perfect™, the ‘King of Tribe Builders’ broke his personal sales record for speed. He generated his second million dollars in just 25% of the time it took him to make his first million dollars.

To put it in perspective, that is like graduating college with honors in one year instead of four.

The Magnitude

Mark was ecstatic. The campaign had done the impossible. It had taught him, the King of Tribe Builders, something new about building tribes.

The C.A.K.E formula blew him away. The way the ten psychological triggers built on each other was ingenious.

He said: “I’ve been running challenges since 2014 and have been doing really well with them. I thought I knew everything about them. But Stirling and the team helped me to refine the challenge process. What he’s implemented and executed in our challenges has taken it to a whole new level.”

“The “Launch Perfect™” system helped people get results and nudge them to buy so we got a million dollar funnel. I can’t wait to tell all my friends, all my business entrepreneurial contacts to work with Stirling if they have a challenge.
We are confident that our Launch Perfect™ “challenge system” will do the same for you.

We’ve done this again and again and we will go on doing it.


Because it works. Period.

Even if you have done a challenge with mediocre results.

Even if you don’t have a large team.

Especially if you are short on time.

Let Stirling show you how Launch Perfect™ can remove all of the guesswork out of doing your next challenge and save you 371 hours setting one up.
Launch Perfect™ contains literally everything you need to achieve your dream results. Use our proprietary C.A.K.E. framework, proven ultra-high converting process, funnel, emails, and posts.

Stirling is dedicated to helping you grow your business to the next level and he has the numbers to back up his claims.

Connect the power of the Launch Perfect™ challenge system to your business. Then experience the benefits of a proven, systematized challenge launch process attracting, nurturing and converting leads to revenue for you quicker than anything you have seen before.

So if you’re ready, so are we.

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