Case Study: How One Christian Artist Got a 
87x Return Using a 5-Day Online Challenge

(Without a webinar, complicated email sequence, or crazy ad spend)

5 day challenge Matt Tommey

“What a wonderful partner Stirling’s been over the years. He’s really allowed us to take our business from just a dream to over a million dollar company primarily through challenges and Facebook ads.”

– Matt Tommey, The Thriving Christian Artist

Ridiculous Results

87x Case Study

5 day challenge Case Study
5 day challenge case study

The Background

What do a Chrisitian artist called to help others create, a Hollywood writer with a penchant for numbers, and cake have in common? The makings of a smashingly successful challenge.

In 2018, Matt Tommey found Stirling Gardner through word-of-mouth and came to him with the seed of an idea: to help Christian artists use their innate abilities to thrive spiritually, artistically, and financially.

5 day challenge Matt Tommey case study

Matt had a small and loyal following but was ready to scale his offer rapidly.

StirlingGardner of stactdigital

Stirling, with an uncanny ability to put himself in the mind of his client’s audience and quickly evaluate the viability of his client’s offer, saw a unique opportunity for Matt to fulfill his calling while laying a solid foundation for future growth.

Stirling knows challenges, and the strategy he used to explode Matt’s growth is now available by application.

The 5-Day Challenge that was Easy as C.A.K.E.

Now with more than 50 successful challenges under his guidance, Stirling has distilled his methodology of turning ice-cold prospects into raving buyers into a powerful, predictable, and proven system: Launch Perfect.

This new challenge system was born out of Matt’s incredible results.

While helping Matt find the best way to connect with his audience, Stirling went through Matt’s challenge (and 40+ since) with a fine-toothed comb and discovered 10 psychological triggers proven to ethically forge deep bonds with your audience.

If you follow the C.A.K.E. framework, your prospects next natural and logical step is to buy your program… and they’ll feel euphoric about it.

Leave just one of these psychological triggers out and your challenge has a high probability of flopping.

He organized these psychological triggers into the C.A.K.E. Framework: a system that combines CONNECTION with AUTHORITY and KNOWLEDGE to generate ENGAGEMENT, which ultimately leads to sales.

When you offer value in a specific way to your audience using our C.A.K.E. framework, you set the stage for meaningful, authentic interactions with your ideal customers that no other marketing efforts can duplicate.

All the Ingredients You Need for a Mind-Blowing Launch

What made Matt’s launch so successful? Three key ingredients:

1. Matt’s Genius: Matt brought his A-game to the table and offered his audience amazing value that was accessible, personal, and uplifting. I can help you do the same.

2. A 5-Day Challenge: Leveraging a private FaceBook Group to create community with his participants, enabled Matt to achieve authentic connection, credibility, and engagement, which naturally led to revenue.

3. The Cake Framework: By baking the ten psychological triggers into the challenge process, Matt was seen as an empathetic authority to an audience that NEEDS what he has. They trusted him wholeheartedly and were eager to work with him after the challenge was over. (AKA purchase his programs.)

Matt’s success is so staggering that you might be thinking it’s a fluke. But after doing dozens of wildly successful challenges for clients after Matt, I’m here to tell you that there is a proven and reliable way to achieve massive success using challenges.

And, for the first time ever, I’m revealing the secrets behind a highly profitable challenge that no one else is talking about.

Sure, you could Frankenstein a launch with Google and duct tape and you might be modestly successful, but it’ll take you longer, earn you less, and ultimately bottleneck your business growth.

5 day challenge

With over 50 successful launches under my belt and $17,000,000+ (that’s 6 zeros) in client revenue to show for it, I’m the authority in challenges. AND I have a proven, predictable system that literally does 97% of the heavy lifting for you.

All you have to do is show up and shine. The Launch Perfect system will take care of the rest.

Are You Ready to Catapult Your Business Growth?

If you’re serious about growing your business, you owe it to yourself to do what Matt did: a highly profitable challenge launch! But, without a proven system that does the heavy lifting for you, you might as well kiss those future dollar bills goodbye.

Luckily, you’re just one short application away from having your own, fully customizable Launch Perfect system, the only thing you need to create a highly profitable challenge.

So why are you still reading this? Fill out the application so you too can launch perfect.

You now have two options:

Option 1: Launch Perfect seems like an absolute no-brainer. I need to connect with you ASAP before I put all this work and energy into a challenge and risk a major flop. If that’s the case, fill out the short application and schedule your no-pressure Zoom call.

Option 2: Well, he seems like a good guy, but 87x? Come on… I would like to learn more about Launch Perfect before chatting on the phone…

*Of the 455 people that purchased Matt’s $297 course, 184 of them also entered Matt’s $97/month membership program. The average membership lasts approximately 7 months, hence an additional $124,852.00 in revenue.

Disclaimer: The sales figures stated above are not typical and are the results of this client implementing systems, showing up with incredible value for his audience, and putting in the work. Although the proven systems we built from scratch have an incredible leveraging effect, they are by no means a guarantee. We are not promising or suggesting you will duplicate the results of our top clients (or do anything for that matter). We have the benefit of building these systems and testing them for over 50 clients in multiple industries. The case study on this page is for informational purposes only. Your results will depend on many factors, including but not limited to: your niche, offer, pricing model, team, experience, network, and work ethic. All businesses include risk as well as taking massive and consistent action to see results. If you aren’t willing to accept that, this is not for you. Honestly, if you are reading this disclaimer and wondering if this is for you or whether it’s legitimate, you probably aren’t ready to introduce a sales system of this magnitude into your business. This disclaimer does not claim that sales systems, even with automations and integrations, do not require work or a learning curve. What we can do is, offer you a customizable super-charged challenge sales system. That is our guarantee.

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