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Exactly What To teach

in your 5 Day Challenge | Part 1 of 4

by Stirling Gardner


This is the number one most important thing you could ever want to know about creating a 5 day challenge guys, it is the thing that people have the most issues with it is the number one reason that people’s challenges either have wild success, or bomb.


My name is Stirling Gardner and I help entrepreneurs grow their businesses five to 10x. Without overwhelming using fun, easy, lucrative 5 day challenge. The product and process that I use and created is called Launch perfect. I’m here to talk to you today about exactly what to teach in your five day challenge. This is the number one most important thing you could ever want to know about creating a 5 day challenge guys, it is the thing that people have the most issues with it is the number one reason that people’s challenges either have wild success, or bomb. That’s exactly what they teach.

We’re always looking for the little hinges that swing big doors. Knowing how to lay out your content in a very specific way that leads your audience to have a mini transformation every single day along the way, is the number one way to have a successful challenge. The problem that I see over and over, particularly with some of the big gurus. In fact, there’s some of the guiltiest for doing this, and it’s, it’s nobody’s fault, right? We all have a genius. We all have knowledge, and we have expertise, and whatever we’re going to do in our five day challenge. We know that we have the knowledge to lead people into our offer. But the stumbling blocks come with, okay, how do I take that genius? How do I take this knowledge and this expertise. Contextualize it in a way that makes sense in a five day challenge. So I’m going to walk you through why exactly what he teaches is the most important thing to know.


Part 1 of Four Series

Finally this is part one of a four part series. I’m going to teach you, there are five different structures, I’m going to teach you three of them. I’ll mention the other two in this video as well. They will be separate videos where I go into detail. You’ll actually see how my mind works, we’ll take an offer I’m going to use. I’m going to create one structure. With this one offer, we’re going to take a totally different offer. I’m going to use a separate structure, I’m going to do a third one and use a third structure so that you can start to see how my mind works. I think that’s going to be very helpful because anybody can give you the answers. But if you don’t understand how someone arrived at those answers, it doesn’t really do much good. Right? teaching somebody to fish versus giving them fish. I believe that’s all I want to say in this introduction.

Let’s get started. I do want to point out one of the most important things. At the end of this, I’m going to invite you over to a masterclass training. But why is the structure? Having your structure now it’s so important, because if you do not give people a clear, concise road map, they’re going to be confused. That’s going to drop, that’s going to create disconnection, disengagement, and conversion rates to drop. What’s fascinating is that if you lose them on day one, you have no chance of getting them back.

Day one, I call the doorway, the entryway into your 5 day challenge. If you don’t nail that, you’re never going to get them back. I promise you it’s super important. Then day four, I’m going to show you how we strategically build days one through three. When it lays into day four, have a very cool, special process for day four. While I show you in depth in other videos, how do we actually unroll like a red carpet to invite people into your offer, there’s no pitching that has to be done. Nobody likes to be pitched. Nobody wants to pitch. I want to set it up in a way that makes sense. It’s just a simple invitation. In fact, if you get this structure right. The way that I’m going to teach you and nail your content. What’s going to be cool is that you’ll actually have people reaching out to you before you even invite them to work with you. That’s how powerful this can be.


How To Do The 5 Day Challenge Correctly

Keep in mind if you do this right, your audience’s next natural and logical step is to want to enroll in your program so without further ado, let’s dive in here guys. I make myself smaller. On screen, not figuratively in life. All right, exactly what to teach in your 5 day challenge by Stirling Gardner. I don’t know where you are in your business. I work with all different kinds of business folks. Perhaps you’ve done a 5 day challenge and it didn’t turn out as well as you had hoped, and you want to try to figure out how to make it bigger, or you have some blind spots on that, maybe you did a challenge, and it completely tanked, which is a bummer. But you need to figure out what you did wrong to improve it before throwing in the towel, or two other things. Maybe you’re intrigued by the concept and you’re stuck on how to move forward, there’s a fourth option, you’ve done challenges. And they’ve gone pretty well. But now you’re looking to really scale them and take them to the next level.

So just for context. I had a client that came to me, they had done a million dollars in their 5 day challenge before they came to me. We walked them through the launch perfect system, reorganized their content. I gave them a whole slew of different things to do. During the process of their challenge, which I’m going to talk about in other videos, we layer into 10 psychological triggers that you have to have. Then we give people this proven system, so 97% of the work is done. The point of this little story here is that this client came to us and they did $1 million. Then we took them through the launch perfect, and we got him to $2,000,000.04 times faster than he got to his first 1 million. That’s the power of content, that’s the power of launch perfect, and getting your nailing what to teach down. If you’re one of those four places, you’ve come to the right place. What I want to share with you guys is that 5 day challenge are the highest converting most lucrative marketing mechanism in existence today. Nailing the content is the single biggest factor in creating these crazy high conversions. I want to talk to you like, am I just making this up? Am I just saying it’s the most lucrative marketing mechanism in existence today? No, I have a unique perspective that not a lot of people have. What’s that perspective? Well, I run a Facebook ad agency. I help clients in tons of different niches. They have tons of different offers, they have tons of different marketing funnels and marketing mechanisms that they use. I’ve just seen over and over and over again. That a 5 day challenge is the most highest converting most lucrative mechanism in existence today. If you don’t know.


The Numbers

A standard webinar.  I’m just going to use a webinar because a lot of people who use those standard Webinars will convert it one and a half to two and a half percent. In fact, if you had two and a half percent. Most people would write to their mother screaming from the rooftops haven’t that like that’s a phenomenal webinar, right. There’s people that just do what I call normal challenges. They’re not, they don’t use the launch perfect processor system. Those will convert two and a half to 3%. That’s generally considered a good conversion rate. And if you don’t know, by the way, the conversion rate is the number of people that sign up for your challenge or sign up for your webinar. Then actually buy your offer at the end of it. As long as we perfect our record so far, I want to say it’s 22%. It’s the low 20s. I think it’s 22% conversion. Everybody that came into the challenge, one out of five people bought it. We generally see six to 10%. We usually shoot pretend. If you can shoot for six to 10, as opposed to two to three. Like but what I mean, what are we doing right? If you’re looking at possibly five axes what a webinar could do. Just by doing a 5 day challenge the way that we’re going to show you so back to the content. Nailing that content is the single biggest big factor in creating those crazy high conversions. Remember how I said we want to look for the small hinges that swing big doors will nailing your content is that small hinge.


The Clarity in Your 5 Day Challenge

Several people assume it’s just making sure you have a solid sales pitch. And they could not be more wrong. In fact, the content is what sells your offer before you even get to sharing it with them. It’s also the number one thing people struggle with when executing a 5 day challenge because they’re hyper focused on the pitch. They offer more than they are on the content structure of their 5 day challenge. I’m telling you, if you put in the 8020 if you focus 20% of your energy on getting the damn content and your challenge correct. That’s going to give you 80% of your results in a 5 day challenge. Alright, we got other ways that we can balloon that up way further. I’ll discuss with you in other videos and in the master class. But for now, let’s stay there. We’re gonna fix all that. What you need to understand is that most people that come to me. Even the big gurus names that you’ve heard of big, big coaches in space, have the same problem that you do. In fact, sometimes are more guilty of it than others. That’s around lack of clarity about exactly what to teach. This sentence I’m going to want you to read a couple times. Being an expert on your topic does not mean that you know how to frame your knowledge in a way that is super effective for a 5 day challenge. I see this time and time again guys. We all have genius. We all have knowledge, we all have expertise. How do we frame that in a five day challenge that makes the most sense? Not for you, for your audience? What’s the most clear step by step process that we want our clients. Our audience to go through, so that they enroll in our offer and want to work with us after that? That’s what I’m going to help you with today.


The Biggest Problem

We are gonna talk about fire hosing them. We are in the world right now. If you’re in any kind of marketing circles or business circles at high end, there’s a huge focus. Rightfully so on over delivering, I go out of my way to over deliver, I want to give people way more value than they think that they’re paying for every single thing that I do. Here’s the thing with a five day challenge, people think that over delivering the 5 day challenge means teaching as much as they can, proving to everybody that’s signed up for their 5 day challenge that they know more than anybody else. They want to share all the things quote unquote, right, all the things I want to share, all the things that I know about, about launches and challenges in ads, all that stuff. The problem with that is if you Firehose them with information, especially on day one, they disconnect, they’re confused, they disengage and your conversions immediately plummet. The biggest problem with that is if you lose people on day one, they’re lost forever, you cannot get them back, I promise you, you’ve got to nail day one, and I’m going to help you really do that. Then also in the other parts of the videos, we’re gonna really step a little deeper in that that day one is crucial, de force crucial. We get them in there, get them in if we set up the entryway correctly, for them into your challenge, and then unroll the red carpet for them on day four, so that they walk right into your offer. That’s the goal of our five day town. You’re not trying, you’re not setting out to impress somebody with all the knowledge that you have.

Think about it, guys, we’re bombarded every day with so much information, it’s available everywhere, you can just do a Google search, right? They’re not looking for that over talking doesn’t meet doesn’t equal over delivering in a 5 day challenge. The more you give, it can actually hurt conversions of challenge members. What people really want is that they’re dying for the most concise and specific information laid out in a logical way that makes sense for them to implement. They want a crystal clear roadmap, a pathway from where they’re, where they’re stuck currently, and drawing that roadmap for them step by step to where they want to go to relieve the pain that they have at the beginning of the challenge, right. They want to know if their problem has a realistic and attainable solution that they can confidently follow through with. They want that roadmap that leads them from where they are to where they want to go. We want to help you position yourself and your program is the best way for them to get there.


The Key

Here’s the key that you need to understand about exactly what to teach. If you structure your content strategically. Your audience’s next natural and logical step is to enroll in your program. That’s how seamless we want it to be done. Now, you might have already learned this the hard way, and you’re nodding your head in agreement, because you’ve been there, done that and failed. It’s insanely easy to waste a ton of time and money and energy attempting to do a five day challenge. Let me let me get to this key point here. Your challenge content is meant to teach them everything they need to know about a specific problem. It’s meant to begin a journey for your audience. They’re headed in the right direction. What is that direction into the doorway of your main offer? Without the right structure, here are some of the pitfalls you can expect your prospects and audience to be confused right out of the gate. You’re not going to get their attention back. If engagements are dead from the start, you can kiss your sales goodbye. You have no prayer of giving your audience many transformations each day because you’ve confused them or Fire Hose them. All this incredible knowledge and genius that you want to share with the world is now a waste because it doesn’t make sense to any of your clients. That’s either because you’ve given them too much or you may have just put it in the wrong order and it doesn’t make sense to them. I want to help you track through that.


The Structure

Imagine, you have to work extra hard to sell your offer and then it feels totally gross and salesy because you’re pushing engagements dropped. You’re freaking out that you put all this invested all this time energy in there and like what’s going to happen? It’s like people can feel that Energy, you do not want that I want to show you how to show up. They might be confused about your offer, because the journey you took them on doesn’t, doesn’t to get there doesn’t make sense to them. You weren’t immediately able to give them results during your challenge. Why would they buy your program? If they aren’t convinced you structure them? If your challenges are structured in a way that makes sense to them, why would they think that your main offer is, right? Because again, this is the doorway and the pathway and your offer. And then you lose time and energy, trying to figure out why the challenge flopped. And then you don’t ever want to do another one. You think challenges are the problem. In fact, all you have to do is figure out your challenge.


How Will The 5 Day Challenge Work for you?

Challenges would work for you. If you dialed in, and now you’re confident you nailed your content, which makes you confident. Let’s paint a picture of what it can look like if you have your challenge. Content dialed in. People are blown away by the value you give. You don’t feel like you’ve given away the farm. Imagine showing up to your challenge completely confident like literally getting rid of overwhelm and getting rid of anxiety and all that stuff that comes with sometimes showing up in the world. Because you had a crystal clear roadmap laid out for your ideal clients, it gave them many transformations every single day. Being a catalyst for change in their lives. For everyone who entrusts your challenge. Imagine showing up incredibly well rested, because you had it all mapped out written set up ahead of time, so that all the other things in challenge are happening running seamlessly in the background. I talked a lot about that in my masterclass. We have these proven systems and processes for how to run a challenge in the background. You are essentially not doing anything by showing up to teach. Imagine having your zone of genius. It’s all you have to bring in to challenge yourself. You don’t have to delete yourself by all the tediousness and the minutiae of the things that aren’t inside your zone of genius. Imagine if your program invitation in your program felt easy, it felt natural, and you create effortless sales instead of feeling achy and anxious about the pitch. I haven’t said this yet. But we think pitching is a four letter word we do not believe in pitching, you don’t have to pitch. In fact, you can nail your content so well that you can actually invite people into a five figure program. We’ve had 5500-6500. Now where they’re not even making people get on sales calls, guys, because you have a chance to connect, and you’ve walked them through this path.


The Golden Goose

It’s amazing not that not to have not to schedule sales calls and people don’t show up. For the people to show up. By not having to pay sales commission. It’s a really nice thing. Again, make it easy, not icky. And then imagine having your content built out. If you guys go through this process once and build all the assets that you need for your challenge. You built your golden goose for your business, you don’t have to do that again. I build it once, they will come and then just turn it on and off at will when you need cash injections into your business. I’m going to talk to you a little just to touch on this. I’ve had the privilege of watching some students, students and clients firsthand, each one achieving this vision for their business. When you get this has happened every single time I’ve ever worked with a student or client, when we nail the steps, the days of the content of their challenge. You can apply it to other funnels so it’s the same application in different funnels. It’s the same unfolding of information with a clear concise roadmap. People get off the sessions with me and they’re like, oh my god, I could use this for so many different things. That’s just because of clarity and confidence. It’s pretty cool.


Launch Perfect

As I have mentioned briefly I have a system called Launch perfect. We help entrepreneurs take this content. In fact, Module One is all about creating your signature challenge and nailing this content piece down. We have a proven system that removes all the overwhelm everything’s done, basically handed to you with templates, swipes, all that fun stuff. I want to help people create these amazing, amazingly lucrative challenge mechanisms without overwhelming overthinking or over spending. It’s completely possible you guys, and knowing what to say will help you avoid anything that can cause your audience to feel confused. overwhelmed or disengaged. Knowing exactly what to say is the number one key to making your audience confident in their decision to enroll in your program, we’re going to get into the five day challenge structure. If you don’t know, you’re going live for five days in a row, inside a container, that container is a Facebook group. The 10,000 foot view of that is day one, you’re going to teach day two, you’re going to teach day three, you’re going to teach day four, you’re gonna teach and invite people into your offer. Then day five is generally reserved for aq & a q&a.

I’m going to talk about the, again, the big structures, and then in subsequent videos, I’m actually going to walk you through each structure. I’m going to take another one, offer one structure, a new author, a different structure, and the next three videos. I do not believe I’m not one of these people that teaches you gotta do it my way the highway. I think that’s baloney. I think that people that do that, do that, because they don’t really know how to iterate. Somebody, look, here’s, here’s the situation. It’s not just people that teach challenges, it’s people that teach most anything, they will have figured out something that worked for them. Then they will scream it from the rooftops, and then they will charge people to learn how to do it. Then what happens when you get in there is that it’s not right, for every offer. It’s not right for every audience, it may not be right for you. I like to give people a way to have flexibility and fluidity to choose something that works for them. That creates, you know, the click, we want, we want it to click with you and to your audience to create this beautiful connection between new themes and the content.


The Pillars

First one, I call four pillars, the structures where you simply take four pieces, or modules from your coaching program, or your or your course, and you teach one module per day. If you have a high ticket coaching program, in any niche, I don’t care. Let’s say it’s an eight week program, you have or you better have, or I don’t consider you to be a good coach, to be totally honest, you must have a framework that you walk people through, you must have a proven process or system that people do you do this week one, this week two, this week three, so on and so forth. You’re pulling four of those, and putting them in order that makes sense for them in the context of a challenge. Again, 10,000 foot overview guys, one pillar four pieces. That’s where you take one of your knowledge, not modules, and pull it out into four pieces. Usually in a module, you’re going to have multiple lessons. We’re talking about taking one module and choosing for the lessons in an order that makes the most sense for a five day challenge.

Stackt Style

Stack style, I’m definitely a little biased because I created this one, it’s named after my agency. And the structure is where you address your audience’s biggest pain point as the topic of day one. Then their next pain point. After they come into your challenge, you know what their biggest issue is? And so you say, guys, on day one, we’re gonna solve this issue, and they’re gonna be like  “This is amazing”. Then after you solve it, what’s day two? Well, you as the expert, you’ve gone through what you’ve gone through the experience that you’re going to be coaching them through, you know, what the next obstacle is going to be after they solve their very biggest problem, right? After you solve day one, you can say okay, guys, now that you’ve solved X problem, you’re gonna run into y problem next. Today, I’m going to show you how to overcome y problem. Great day three guys, we overcame yesterday, we addressed and overcame a problem. I’ve done this a million times. I know that the next issue that you’re going to come up against is problem. Today, we’re going to address problem z, and so on and so forth. Then on day four, which I’ll talk about a little bit more in the stack style specific. And one of the other videos in the series.


The Other Two Styles

I’m going to talk to you about the beautiful way that we lay out a force that rolls the red carpet out for folks. The other two styles. I just want to mention quickly, Jeff Walker has a product launch formula that works well in a chat in a live 5 day challenge format. Stu McLaren has a tribe formula. If you’re inside my program, I have outlined those things. I’ve done them myself, I know how to do them. But I am not certified to teach them and do not feel comfortable teaching the specifics of that. I just want people to know that if you’ve gone through either of those problems, we can take that content that you have, refine it even more, more. In more detail and with more clarity than you ever have had. I don’t care if you’ve done PLF for tribe 100 times? Well, I’m telling you, we have things inside loans perfect that will balloon that and make it so much better. In this document guys, which you can grab the link in the, the link will be in the description below. I have one example offer about growing prize winning roses. So if my if my, let’s say I have a $3,000 offer, and I teach people how to grow prize winning roses. It’s an eight week program. I took that one rose eight week program. We list the modules here. By the way, there’s another video here, where I go into the rest of this. It’s going to be the samples. So it’s going to be exactly what to teach. Samples, video, and I will actually go through these. But the reason I’m not going to do it again here is because I’m going to go through each sample on their own in a separate video in this series. You’ll see that you have the samples here, the blanks, samples, the blank, so on and so forth. I just want to make sure I’m not missing anything. It’s a super valuable lead nine.

We named stack style cascading pain points. You’re just walking people through and solving pain point after pain point for them. When we set it up that way, we always say, what’s the very first thing in this example the roses, what’s the very first thing a newbie rose grower would need to know to have a successful thriving rose, I call this the doorway into your 5 challenge. If you nail the doorway, and get the next three days in line, we unwrap that we unroll the red carpet so that they’re natural and logical. The next step is just to walk right into your audience into your offer. One point I want to make is that for the doorway offer and day one, the biggest pain point on day one, we want to make sure that you are actually addressing what your audience thinks their biggest problem is. Let me repeat that, I want you to teach them what your audience thinks is their biggest problem. Because a lot of times it will not be the problem that you know they have. Let me see if I can think of an example. I’ve tried to get roses, I think they’re beautiful. I have a brown thumb to the max. My problem is that I cannot figure out why these, I think they’re called aphids or aphids, these bugs eat all the leaves, and they just tear these two four rose bushes I’ve been trying to go to for three years and just cannot seem to make it. That’s what I think my biggest problem is, that’s what you would want to address on day one.

Even though, as the expert, it may not have anything to do with App IDs, and maybe that I picked the wrong rose for the climate that I live in. Do you see the distinction there? The problem they think they have versus the problem that you might know they have. They can be the same thing. Sometimes they’re not. I want you to be aware that you’re just focusing on what they think, not what you know. Then we go through another sample with the template here. Give your audience a win every day, which will increase engagement, give them a hit of dopamine and inspire them to come back the next day. Create your content. It springboards your audience into the next natural step which is paying you to work with them. Do not delay gratification, nobody’s got time for that everyday should be a win. be crystal clear in every instruction and actionable steps your audience sees you as the best option to help them to get to the mountaintop. I want to show you how to go even deeper to make your content super engaging. You’ll have people ask me how to work with you before you even finish your 5 day challenge.

The Conclusion 

Remember I have this information about the masterclass I was talking about. I’m going to wrap this up by saying if there are multiple things available for you in the description below. The first one is a link to download this exact workbook here exactly what to teach. There’s another one that will have a link to the launch perfect masterclass where I not only show you more in depth about exactly what to teach, but we go into the 10 psychological triggers that have to be in your 5 day challenge. I talk about frameworks for challenges. I don’t like to talk badly and I’m not going to name names, but there are people that claim to be gurus all around challenges and they literally don’t offer a structure or a framework, which is mind boggling to me. To my knowledge, I’m the only person in existence with structures and frameworks around 5 day challenges. So I’ll go over that and then and that masterclass.

In addition, I will literally walk you behind the scenes through all the processes, systems and tools that we use. If that’s something you’re interested in, that system has literally handed you 97% of everything that you need for your 5 day challenge. It’s got templates, swipes, graphics, post copy, emails, surveys, script outlines, roadmaps, checklists, calculators, calendar, I mean, it is a literal, there’s eight massive toolboxes that are contained in lawns perfect, you can find out all about those. If you sign up for the masterclass, so anyway, that link below and then some of the tools that we use regularly should be linked below as well as long as long as a transcription of this. Thank you for the time. I appreciate you and I’ll see you in one of the next videos below. I think the first one we’re going to dive into is the four pillars.

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