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When creating a 5 day challenge this is the number one most important thing you could ever want to know about creating.  It is the thing that people have the most issues with it is the number one reason that people’s challenges either have wild success, or bomb.

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Exactly What To teach

in your 5 Day Challenge | Part 2 of 4

by Stirling Gardner



5 Day Challenge: What To Teach Part 2

Today we’re going to do part two of our four part series. In the previous video, I do a 10,000 foot overarching strategy of why it’s so daggone important to nail exactly what to teach. If you haven’t watched that, I literally think you should go back and watch that before diving into this because you’re not going to have the context that you need. 

Now that being said, there are five structures to organize your content for a five day challenge. They’re all really cool structures. I go into the overviews of those up in the previous video number and part one. And so today, we’re going to dive into the first structure, which I call four pillars. 

I’m using these high ticket offers like this luxury studio photography studio program, mountain photography. I don’t know anything about photography, But I do know how to take somebody’s expertise and chunk it down. It makes sense in a 5 day challenge, that’s what we’re going to do.

Example, it’s a luxury photography studio with a high ticket program. It’s an eight week program, the cost is $2,500, the big promise of the program. At the end of these eight weeks, you’ll have everything you need to build a thriving photography business that charges a minimum of $3,000 per shoot. 

Whenever you start mapping out your content, we always start with your offer. What is it we’re trying to send people to do what they want? What are we trying to get them to do at the end of the five days? With every quality offer, or hard ticket course or coaching program, they’re going to be broken down into modules.


A lot of times those modules are then broken down into lessons. So these eight modules I just completely made up. business basics, providing a luxury customer experience, marketing to the high end customer offering products that your luxury customer wants, how to offer and personal sales calls, consultations, turning one client in for hiring a team and how the book editorial shoots. 

With that’s what’s contained in the main offer. For the challenge, using the four pillar structure, we’re going to pick four of those things, and try to pull them out in a way that makes sense over the course of four days before you can roll out the red carpet and invite them into your offer. Over on the next page you’re going to have access if you choose to download in the description below this four pillars worksheet, just so you know, it’s worth downloading, there’s a whole bunch of other amazing stuff here. 

This is the page that we’re working on today. Let’s say I want to learn photography, so I don’t know anything about photography business. I just put my shoes right away into the shoes of someone entering your challenge based on what I see from these eight modules. So for the first one, I might say business base. I’m just rereading these business basics makes a whole heck of a lot of sense to start out that way. Market to the high end customer offering products

Business basics have to be there. Feel like that just like you got to give people the foundation, right? You got it would make sense in the context of a five day challenge for day one to be guys. You have to have these things in place before you can even start charging 3k. Let me walk you through what those things are. 

These may change but I’m just again talking as I think providing a luxury customer experience marketing to the high end customer. Super interested in turning one client in the four I can tell you that might possibly combine six and eight. I think what could make sense very simply for here is providing a luxury customer experience. People need to know how to present themselves as luxury. 

Charging 3k for a photoshoot is your goal, and other people are charging less than $1,000 You have to know how to present yourself. That makes perfect sense to me. Yes, people want to understand marketing, that’s probably my next choice. Offering products that your luxury customer wants that could work to. Not so intrigued by offering in person sales consultations, I can see the value of it before really trying to jazz people through a challenge. That one doesn’t appeal to me, hiring a team doesn’t appeal to me in the context of a challenge on the phone to grow my business it certainly does. So I’m going to pick marketing to the high end customer. I’m going to use these as my four so I’m going to go back to the worksheet and we’re going to say we’re going to start with business basics. 

Module 1

Module 1 will be on day one mini lesson topic is going to be we got over here, system setups and legalities I think both of those are important mini lesson topic the easy these may not fit in these blanks step by step actually I’m gonna even eliminate even I will say dumb it down but I’m pretty much going to simplify and say that I’m going to go over everything you need studio everything in your studio not to look like to embody or how to get everything you need in your studio to embody basically become and feel like to come across as though you are and feel like you are and to be a high ticket photographer.

Actually I’m going to recreate this in action one topic, everything is a checklist. People love checklists as opposed to a checklist to give away everything needed to the body. During the day you’re going to say here’s the top I’m making. Here are the top three to five things you have to have in your studio for you to even be taken seriously as a high ticket photographer. So what my lips topic is going to be to always assign an action item for people. So the action item is going to be to take my shoe photographer checklist I get reviewed in the comments. And make the list. Okay, so what’s the wind for the day? What’s the mini transformation? What’s the AHA?

Our win is clarity around how to start? This may seem to some of you won’t this may seem super simple. You might be going well, wait a minute, that’s like the basics. Yeah, it is. Because you have to understand that you’ve already accomplished these things, you’ve already become this high, high end photographer, you’ve already gone through the process. 

What seems like second nature to us in our zones of expertise is not for 99% of the people that are out there. And probably 100% of the people that are actually inside your challenge, who were attracted to what you’re going to teach in this challenge. We’re bringing it back to basics, we’re making them clear, clear, concise, simple, a roadmap. This is a really great day one. You’re nailing out everything that they need, because people don’t even think through that right I just want, I’m just going to charge more, well, then you’re not going to have much luck if you don’t have these things in place. 

Checklist For Your 5 Day Challenge

Everything that you need for your 5 day challenge is here. You go through them, I actually put it together in this really handy checklist for you guys, I’m going to drop it in the comments, this is what you’re saying during your 5 day challenge, grab this, here’s your homework, here’s your task for tonight. That’s the action, take the checklist and make a list, check off everything that you have. And then everything that you need. So you have a realistic expectation. So you may have to buy some things. So you have a realistic expectation of what you may have to purchase in order to get behind clients. 

Yay! So that’s day one. Here, turn this over day two. Day two, providing the luxury customer experience. So after you have your business basics down, providing a luxury customer experience, what that means to me is I need to know how to present myself. So that people take me seriously and are willing to pay higher prices. Again, I don’t know anything about photography, but let’s just say the topic for day two could be a bunch of things, but let’s just say that it’s creating branding for yourself. 

Your Website Portfolio

Beautiful photos are a must. Anybody can set up a portfolio online? How do we brand your portfolio so that the second somebody lands on your website or the second, second, second? Second, somebody clicks on one of your links, which pops up in front of them. So to me that’s going to be creating a luxury or folio? Here, this would be cool.

Making people think it’s easy is what you needed to do. Creating a Luxury Portfolio from the photos. You all already have. I can basically take my toilet parola and make it look like a Rolls Royce. I’m right, that’s a really cool thing. So an action item and while you’re talking about that topic, one of the things could be again, I’m making this up there. Maybe there’s an app or a cool website out there like you know, maybe there’s a competitor to Wix that is or WordPress. 

Specifically for high end photography. I don’t know if this is true. I’m just saying that that could be something that you walk people through. The action item is in this case it would be to go to this link. So you drop them in the link right or this link and sign up for and choose your Lux portfolio package. What’s so tantalizing? Those are big, like, these are two cool days, right? I don’t know where to find my next photography job, I just started out doing photography. I’ve done photography for years. And I feel like I’m competing on price with everyone. If I’m in day two of this 5 day challenge, and I’m like, wow, I already know how to fricking everything that I need to take the next step, and where to find it and how much it costs. Then day two,  I don’t have to, like start taking photos from scratch and building this new portfolio now, everything that you got, we’re going to simplify it and make it look phenomenal.  That’s a pretty good deal.

Getting High End Customer

Day three. Just want to do this real quick. Right, so what’s day three, I think is marketing to the high end customer. We’re looking for specific, simple, easy wins for these folks. Day three is marketing too so it’s going to be How To Get Perfect. 

How to get your first five and paying the TOG client people are gonna say where do I sign up for that, right? You want to make each day like this thing, that’s like, a no-brainer that people have to show up for well, how to get your first high paying photography client.

Look this post down here so one of the things you might teach them during that is here’s the simple Facebook post I made that got me my first three clients. Can you maybe share that template with them? And so I’m going to share the template with you.  And before you show up tomorrow, I wish I had a high end photography client because I’m building a pretty cool 5 day challenge. Share the template that we end before you show up tomorrow. I want you to post using the template and post on your personal page. 

There might be what I will do, there will be a post in the group right after I end this call client wins and post what people’s reactions to your post share when a simple simple strategy for getting your first client. It’s pretty kick butt 5 day challenge so far for you to say so myself not knowing a damn thing about photography and then turning one client and for who the heck is not going to want to know how to do that. 

Topic is turning one client into four. Who’s not showing up for that. How I would do this, which I don’t have time for in this video. But I’ll go into the master class which I will link you to in the bottom below. There’s a masterclass on what to teach the 10 psychological triggers as well as the proven systems and processes that we use to have these crazy high converting launches.

Whenever I teach there on day four, we want to try to pick a topic that naturally unfurls or Red Carpet into your program. I would start day four .This is what we learned on day one, you have all the foundational elements. On day two, we went over the easy way to create a Luxury Portfolio from photos that you already have. Day three, I gave you a template yesterday, a ton of you guys posted it. And you’re already sharing that you have people wanting to get on a phone call with you to potentially book you as a new client. And day four, today, what I want to talk about is the process and systems that we use that turn one client into four. 

Position is important. How I would position this, for the topic is saying, It’s really not that difficult. Once you get one client, how we turn them into four, I want to show you the systems and processes that we use to make this a reality. So you could go and figure this out on your own. It took me five years to figure this out. And I want to shrink your learning curve into eight weeks at the end of eight weeks. What if I could guarantee you four clients a month on at least four bookings a month? That’d be something that you’re interested in? 

Permission, If so, you’re asking them for permission? Would it be okay if I shared with you what these eight weeks look like? Where can I show you how to turn one client into four and everything else that you’re going to get along the way? But of course, how? Show me they’re kind of begging you at this point, show me how to shortcut this process. 


Turn one client into four, and then you’re showing them basically the inside of your program, the processes. Maybe you have SOPs, written up checklists, not written up for what to ask when somebody calls you how to eat, how to respond, and emails like whatever those templates and mechanisms that you offer in your program are, then you obviously also talked to them about look, we’re I also have this cool offer creation system. That’s all templated for you. So you don’t even have to figure out what offers work. I’m going to tell you what offers work and how to turn them into your own. I’m going to tell you how to book in person sales consultations. Not only that, I’m going to give you a script for what to say during the sales conference consultation. So it feels like a normal conversation so you don’t feel silly. It’s amazing.

Surely you don’t even know this yet, because you haven’t even rolled into the program for your 5 day challenge. But what you’re going to experience at the end of eight weeks, when you start booking four to five sessions a month, you’re going to want to hire an assistant. Then after that you may need to know somebody that’s doing sales for you whatever the case may be. 

Lastly I’m going to show you how to hire a team because at a certain point, you’re going to be capped with the amount of shoots that you can do unless you have a team that’s going to be cool. And then we’re going to wrap up that eight week session with how the book editorial shoots because there’s some phenomenal money there. I don’t have time to get into it but I’ve shot for Vogue and his red book is amazing anymore. I don’t know the red book GQ, whatever the case may be. So you’ve asked them for an invitation to walk you through everything that you’re going to teach them in the program and it’s pretty smooth and then the action item at the end of that day is going to be if you’re interested working with me for the next eight weeks there is a link to all the details. Pricing don’t be afraid to say the price on your thing like just say it should just say it if you’ve delivered this much value people are going to get there are going to want pricing when we start I will also answer any cues you have now in the comments when I your client has now has access to an eight week program that will change their life.

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