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Exactly What To teach

in your 5 Day Challenge | Part 3 of 4

by Stirling Gardner


The Ultimate 5 Day Challenge Launch Strategy has generated over $17 million in every niche imaginable. This is everything you need to know.

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Part 3


This is part three of our four part video series all around exactly what to teach. If you haven’t yet, I highly suggest that you don’t watch this video until you’ve gone to the part one in the series where I give you a 10,000 foot top down view of exactly what to teach your 5 day challenge.  The number one thing people get wrong. Why if you nail this thing, it is the easiest way to convert people into your offer. I talked about in there that there are five challenge structures, five different ways to structure your content. 


This is a second way it’s called one pillar four pieces, I will go into detail. We are going to be working from this workbook here. Click below and get the link for it. You’re going to want to grab it because it’s got a lot of information about this particular structure. You’ll be able to fill in the blanks yourself, then more details and what to do next.  I highly recommend you go grab that, for the ease and simplicity of this video.


I’m actually going to work directly from this Google Doc. What we’re always trying to do, no matter what structure that we use, what we’re trying to do is understand what the main offer is. Then we’re building the challenge. That steps completely naturally and logically into what their main offer is. Always start no matter what structure you choose. We’re always looking at what you offer.  In this example, you’re going to want to watch the other videos because I use completely different offers, and completely different structures. You can just start to see how my mind works. You’re going to want to pick the one that works best for your 5 day challenge.


I have a masterclass it’ll be linked below that’s going to walk you through more detail about what to teach. It’s going to talk about the 10 psychological triggers that you have to have in your challenge to have it convert like crazy. Then I walk you through the system and process that we use to get absurd 2543 87x returns on our challenges for our students and clients. Anyway, let’s dive into this right here. 



One Pillar Four Pieces


This is the structure that I refer to as one pillar four pieces. Just to refresh your memory, if you haven’t watched that video, please go back and watch it. Most of the time in your 5 day challenge, if you have a set, let’s say you have a seven week program in this case.  It’s the meal prep solution for busy moms. It’s a high ticket program that costs $1,000. Here’s the big promise of the offer of the six seven week program. At the end of these seven weeks, you will lose up to 10 pounds and never have to hear Mom, what are we having for dinner again, two birds with one stone. 


Lose weight, happy family more time and save money with meal prep. It’s pretty good. Pretty good offer. It’s fictitious, but it’s pretty good. That seven week program is any decent course or program that will have that broken down into modules. What are you going to learn each week so we refer to those as modules? So module one, we’re going to talk about the lessons in a second 234567 are all listed here. Let’s go through them. The overarching modules are getting started with meal prepping modules to save time and money shopping online digital coupons to the rescue. easy meal prep if tracking macros module for the fussy eater trick to making everyone happy. Five vacation fat Busters how everyone can eat well and not feel restricted, road tripping, taking meal prep on the road and then dessert so they’re healthy, the whole family will love it. 


Those are our modules for the 5 day challenge. But when we’re doing the one pillar four piece method, we may have one module that just sets itself up so beautifully for a 5 day challenge. In this case, I made up these four lessons that would go under getting started with meal prepping, setting your meal prep and goals, planning one week at a time, food storage containers and then the 10 biggest meal prepping hacks to save you the most time and money. We’re going to pick these four, just because they’re the four in there. This is going to be the easiest one as far as the video training goes. But you’ll want to go through all of your modules and all of your lessons and try to pick out the pieces as I’m thinking them through for you right now in this video. You’ll also want to watch stacked style, which is structure three, that’ll be video for number four. That should be linked in the description and the previous video that I just shot which is four four pillars. You want to watch that video because you want to look at all of them because you want to see what structure makes sense for you and your clients or your audience. 



The Meal Preparation Example


I’m going to go in and we know from the previous videos that they won. The topic is going to be, I’m just going to live lifted from right here. Setting your meal prepping goals. it’s super important that on day one that I talked about this a lot, the entryway into your challenge is the doorway into your challenge. And then the challenge is the doorway into your offer. We want to make the first day where we’re knocking out the most broadest problem, let’s just call it that that people probably have. 


When it comes to meal prepping, I’m going to suggest that because I’ve attempted meal prep before that the problem is just something as basic as II don’t even know where to start. So I’ll be honest with you, if I was doing meal prepping, it would not even occur to me. In retrospect, it’s like a light bulb going off, it wouldn’t even occur to me that I need to set meal prepping goals. But you know, as somebody that’s been preparing meals for 10 years and offering people this program, that’s the first thing that they have to get, get organized. We’re gonna set your meal prep and goals, and we’re going to talk about if you have, excuse me, you have weight to lose or their dietary restrictions. How many days in advance? Do you think it is realistic? I mean, are you going to try to prep for two weeks for a month free stuffer for three weeks? Are you just going to prep a week at a time for 10 days? Whatever the case may be? What else do they have up here? Scheduling scheduling time to do the prep. We’re gonna offer people a goal worksheet, and we’re gonna ask them. We set up this goal worksheet and it’s set up sort of like a table like a spreadsheet. So it’s gonna say meal prepping goals is gonna say a weight to lose dietary restrictions, how many days? Do you think it’s realistic and scheduling time to do the prep, so the action is going to be quite simple for this. It’s going to be please download and fill out the worksheet in the comments. By this, you’re going to live in a Facebook group. When people are chatting in comments, you’re going to drop a link in the comments there. Download and fill out the goal worksheet and the comments and before you show up tomorrow, you should have all filled out by the way, these goals, these action items, they should take two minutes.  This is a great idea for your 5 day challenge.



The Importance Of Clarity


Like you’re just trying to give people a quick wind you’re not sending them out to the market to do all the shopping and they’re not gonna have time to do it. All that stuff. It needs to be quick actionable, something that they see and they get a win out of so the win is all this is cool. I had no idea where to start and out for salt. Now I have clarity. When is clarity in your 5 day challenge?  


Clarity, where to start? it could be a lot of wins. Speaking as a busy mom. Well, I was just jumping in here. Because I want to save time. Like I don’t have time to cook a new meal every single night. I can lose weight too so it’s going to be the goal weight I want to lose. Something else would be like, I hadn’t thought every day I have to think through everybody’s dietary restrictions. If I just map that out, I can find recipes that don’t include any of those things. Let’s just say easy math of allergies or something like that. That’s a pretty solid win. People are like, damn, this is cool. Now, in this particular case, they’re thinking, Well, I gotta show it for day two because now that I got this this goal sheet is like how to YTV each one of these goals, right? Day two is going to be planned one week at a time. Planning one week at a time, more meals, less effort. What you’re going to do is you’re going to walk them through, I’m making this up based on the goal sheet for your 5 day challenge. Here is a recipe matrix, just making this product up. But it would be a cool thing where you can type in all allergies. I just wanna make sure I don’t overlap. 



The Action Item


Get a list of alternative ingredients. How cool would that be? And recipes for bulk, cooking and meal planning. Action Item. Maybe this is an app that you created or something like that. So I want you to download the app. Download the app, oh, type in your allergies, select low fat, whatever the case may be. Take a screenshot of your results. Posting it in our Facebook group is really cool. For a lot of reasons. After they buy the seven week program, they get the app for free during the seven weeks, they get so used to it. Then maybe there’s a monthly fee after that for 19 bucks, whatever the case might be. It would be amazing if somebody could type in their allergies, and you just simplified their whole family allergy situation down. If they want to lose weight, they can take low fat normal or keto whatever the case may be. And what’s really cool about this idea is if you take a screenshot of what your results are in and posted in the group, it gets the people who haven’t showed up to day one or day two gone. What the heck are all these people doing? sharing these what, first off, what is this? Where do I get it? How do I do it? So they’re gonna want to go back and watch what they wanted to write because it’s rare that people show up for all five days if you challenge them when you go live, a lot of people watch the replay. We’re creating engagement while we’re also giving massive, massive value. So the win is the new belief that this is totally doable for me. That is your action item for your 5 day challenge.


Day three is a food storage container checklist of what you’ll need. Topics gonna be comprehensive food storage container systems. Again, I’m making all this up. But this could be maybe you have a deal with a particular container store that sells containers, remember, or maybe you’ve put together this cool bundle of your favorite products on Amazon for meal prep, and maybe use your Amazon affiliate links. So every time somebody buys through you, there, you’re also getting paid, right? You could put together these food storage systems and you could break it down and teach it. There’s the single single mom system. There’s the big family system. Here’s the best system for you, given the size of your family.  There’s all these systems, what systems that they need, where to get them, why they need them. That’s what you’re going over there. The action item is, you just literally don’t have the action items gonna be even if you don’t buy them, just go put your ideal container bundle and your Amazon cart. These action items are not complex, they’re really simple, you’re just literally moving the ball forward, you’re trying to get people to get forward momentum, they make a look, a lot of people are going to buy them right there on the spot that you’re not forcing them to go buy them, you’re just saying, put them in your cart. So when it comes to your birthday, or Christmas, or whatever the case might be, you’ll know what they are, you won’t forget and you can buy them done. When is big wine as you just saved them a lot of time and money hunting for the proper food prep. Storage Solutions. That’s a win for this t day challenge, like people are gonna go well, that’s they just dropped some value on me. Today for his 10 biggest meal prepping hacks to save you the most time and money. I’m going to copy and paste



The Schedule

Day four. If you haven’t watched other videos of our 5 day challenge, please go watch them. At least go watch the master class. This is a really, really great way to on day four is when I talk about we are segwaying from wrapping up everything they’ve learned the previous day touching on something new on the fourth day, but unrolling the red carpet for them, where you invite them to walk down the red carpet right into your, in this case, seven week meal prep program, right? 


The topic could be the 10 biggest meal prepping hacks to save you the most time and money. Day four might be just talking real high level right? I would say on day one, we talked about setting your meal prepping goals. So if you’re just catching up, we’re gonna we’ve we’ve nailed how much weight you want to lose the allergy restrictions that you have. And like what’s a realistic schedule for meal prep for you given your schedule with your family? Now I’m going to tell you that you can take all those things that you just put into that goal sheet and put them into this app. It’s going to spit out all these incredible recipes for you. You are just literally going to take that to the store, or purchase it online. And with one click, you’re going to your whole recipe list is going to be right there. Wow, this is totally doable, you guys. Now, there’s a lot of ways that you can store your food, I’m going to recommend these storage systems because I just find them to be the best you can get them inexpensively. If you miss the link on Amazon, I’m gonna drop it, you want to check those out and get them. 


Today I want to talk to you about the 10 biggest meal prepping hacks, this is gonna save you the most time and money. You set up your foundation, your goals, talked about what systems you need. Now let’s get into the real nitty gritty of how I’m going to save you a ton of time and money. I’m going to walk you through what it would look like to work with me after this challenge is over. I want to show you all the processes and systems and what my next seven weeks could look like. So let’s dig into the meal prep pack. 



The Macros of your 5 day challenge


 Number one. It’s buying canned vegetables instead of frozen. I don’t know if I’m making it up and meal Hack number two is how to make it with the rising price and ground beef. It’s how to make double the amount of food you can make with the same amount of ground beef or something like that. I want to be respectful of your time and actually show you everything else that would look like if you’re potentially interested in expanding this and really automating this whole process for your family. 


So meals are just cooked one day a week. You’re shopping one day a week and we can just nail this out. It’s going to be such a time saver for you guys. What that looks like is in addition to getting started with meal prep, I’m going to show you the best place to get digital coupons that nobody knows about. 


Week three we’re gonna talk about if you’re tracking macros, how to drop more weight even faster. Who here has a fussy eater in their house? I do. I’m going to tell you the trick that makes everyone happy. You’re going to try it in week four and be blown away that your fussy eater is devouring the food that you make. Who here takes vacations when they can? I do? I do. When you go out and eat all those extra calories, right? Well, I’m going to tell you how you can prepare meals, still enjoy your vacation, but have some meal prep set up so that you stay within the bounds, guidelines that you set for yourself, and so on and so forth. 


I’m walking people down there, looking at the next seven weeks, it looks like this, it cost this much money. I’m really excited to work with you. If you’re interested in that there’s more details over on this page, I’m going to drop the link to my sales page. If you have questions right now, I’d love to take them from you so we can get you started. And so you never have to think about prepping food for fussy people again, and losing weight at the same time. So the action item, generally on day four is go check out my seven week offer. And the win is a bunch of things but one is going to be they’re coming to dogs. 



The Conclusion


After this new belief my family will be happy. What I make, I won’t have to think about it anymore. Nor handle complaints. I won’t accidentally mix up allergies with the kids as an example. This is really cool and then day five, if you don’t know, is generally a q&a. And you re-share your offer. So this is another great way to walk through all of you.


I got a 15 pound dog that thinks he’s a Rottweiler. This is another really great way to structure your content. Like I said, you can go through all the lessons and all the modules you sort of start to see what stacks up and makes logical sense. If you need help with that if you need a deeper dive, I encourage you to watch some more videos in the series. And or watch the masterclass where I go through exactly what to teach in its entirety that I talked about discussing the 10 psychological triggers and I also walk you through our systems and processes so that you can build a five day challenge in less than a week and literally have everything taken care of in the background. So there’s zero overwhelming, zero overthinking. Alright, I appreciate you there’s gonna be some links to some other tools that we use. And I love you, thank you for your time.

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