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5 Day Challenge: What to do during open cart option 2


by Stirling Gardner


hey there 

This is the number one most important thing you could ever want to know about creating a 5 day challenge guys, it is the thing that people have the most issues with it is the number one reason that people’s challenges either have wild success, or bomb.

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Hey guys, today I’m going to talk to you about what to do during your open cart. We’re going to discuss specifically testimonials and interviews. I’m the, my name is Stirling Garner, I’m the creator of launch perfect is the only fast, easy, safe, proven, highly lucrative way to do a 5day challenge is a system it is a process, it is not a course I go gives you literally everything you need to have an unbelievable 5 day challenge. There’s a link below this video somewhere, there’s also going to be a link to download the PDF that I’m going to walk through right now about testimony as an interview. Without further ado, let’s get into it. 


5 Day Challenge Open Cart Testimonial


All right, where can I share my screen here? Alright, this is a 5 day challenge of what to do during OpenCart testimonials and interviews. You guys’ testimonials and interviews are two of the most powerful ways to show people what you offer is valuable and worthwhile. I’m going to talk to you today about three different types of testimonials to collect during and after your 5 day challenge. First thing is people that have purchased your program in the past and had success with it. Secondly, are people that have had a great experience during the 5 day challenge where they’re commenting specifically at the 5 day challenge themselves. This is really important, and a lot of people skip this step. What this will do is if people give you social proof for your 5 day challenge, the next 5 day challenge that you can do, you can put all those videos and all those testimonies on your registration page to make it more convincing for people to join your next 5 day challenge. Then lastly, people in your current 5 day challenge who have just purchased your offer, let’s walk through all of this. Just a quick reminder, you may or may not know this, but all these testimonials, they can be used as social proof videos on sales pages registration pages, you can post these videos in your 5 day challenge. They can be turned in the emails, they can be placed on pages, there’s a lot of stuff that you can do with it. Do not overlook this. Here’s some questions to ask people that have successfully completed your program. Alright, you want to ask people to tell you about the problem or difficulties that they had that made you seek out your product or service? Why are we doing this? We’re actually asking people who’ve gone through your program, the questions that people who haven’t gone through your program are naturally thinking in their head. If  we walk them through and lead them through the way that they’re thinking, they’re gonna get questions that they have answered that they don’t even know they have yet. 


How To get Your Testimonials

All right. If a customer came to you with a significant problem, let’s say the existing service was too expensive, or the original product was difficult to use, or a business problem. Let’s say it was disrupting their productivity. It’s a great way to frame the interview. You can easily present your business as the solution to what the problem was. Somebody somebody says to you, you say, hey, what was the problem that you had before you joined my program? Somebody you know, for me might say, I tried to do a 5 day challenge. I was completely overwhelmed. There were too many moving pieces. It didn’t go well. I didn’t know what to teach. I felt very salesy. I go, that’s fantastic. Because that’s what the solution that I have that they’re going to talk about later in this interview. People that have been in this person’s shoes in the interviewees shoes can go, oh, that’s the same problem that I had. They say, ‘Well, how is this problem or 5 day challenge impacting your business or lifestyle?’ To stay with the same example, it could be something like, I spent all this time, money, energy and have my team focused on this 5 day challenge for three months. It flopped and when I found your system, it was amazing. 97% of the work was there. I had every email, every template, every candidate template, you taught me how to structure the content, like it was easy from that point forward. People listening to this interview are going, well, I want something easy. Then you say well, how did you discover this product, service or business? It could be from word of mouth. It could be from a Facebook ad or an Instagram ad. It doesn’t really matter. All you’re doing is putting the people who are listening to the interview in the shoes of the interviewer because they’ll say, Oh, I saw this guy in an ad to okay, this makes sense. Like they’re starting to track the journey of the person who’s gone through your program. You say what features, benefits or advantages first drew you to us? Again, if somebody did a challenge and they flopped, they’d say, 


Importance of Open Cart Testimonials

Well, you know, this other guy was teaching people how to do 5 day challenges but he didn’t even tell people what to say to them. They just said, Oh, you have people registered, throw them in the Facebook group and just teach for five days. That doesn’t work. But you Stirling, I’m talking as the interviewer, you have a framework, he taught me that there’s five different ways to structure my content. I picked one that felt great for me. Anything else? Yeah, you gave me everything I needed. There was no guesswork. You gave me a registration page copy, thank you page copy, you told me what to say during my 5 day challenge. You taught me how to invite people into my offer, instead of me feeling like I have to pitch them. Like you just eliminated 97% of the work. So for those of you that don’t know, launch perfect is a system. It’s a process that my team takes, it took us 371 hours, that’s 46 days to build a 5 day challenge from scratch for a client. We have that entire process mapped out with templates, checklists, worksheets, all of the above so that you don’t have to spend 371 hours; you can spend literally a handful of hours just filling in the templates and getting ready to roll. People are like, Whoa, that sounds cool. I want some of that. How long have you been working with us, that’s just to give credibility while I was working. You know, I got launched perfectly. And I was able to launch in three weeks. If you’re like my student, ginger, she launched in seven days. And she tripled, she set a goal for herself. I can’t remember actually what her goal was to get into her paid membership. And she tripled that in seven days. Okay, guys, people hear that in a testimonial, and they go, Holy cow. That’s amazing. It’s very different, right? If you’re hearing somebody’s experience, that they’ve actually done these things, it’s one thing for me to say, Yeah, Ginger is launched in seven days and triple their membership. It’s a whole nother thing. For me to be interviewing ginger is to say, Yeah, with your help, I was able to launch in seven days, and I got, you know, three times the people into my membership, like way more impactful and believable, right? How’s your problem or 5 day challenge been solved? This person might say, well, I don’t have to waste time. I don’t have to, I don’t have to give myself a three month runway to do a 5 day challenge. From now on, I can do it in seven days, 14 days. Everything’s handled behind the scenes, like you gave me everything that I need. My VA is running everything. All I have to do is show up on the day of the 5 day challenge, and just teach and share my zone of genius. People go, Wow, that sounds really amazing. And then what impact did you see on your business or lifestyle? Well, of course, they have a six or seven figure launch. They do it in record time. Credit with incredible ease. If you walked somebody through those questions, on the interview, video testimonial, this is going to be incredibly impressive for the people hearing that right. Now I want to talk to you about section two. That’s the following questions to ask people who’ve had an amazing time and your 5 day challenge. You’re also going to see some we’re gonna say some, you’ll start to understand the structure of the questions that we ask because they don’t vary too much. Pay attention to that. You want to get people that have had a great time and your 5day challenge. Here’s some, here’s a way to get people to sign up to be interviewed. They’re much easier to ask for. Because they, they’re, they’ve already been in your 5 day challenge. They’re super excited about the content. I just recommend making a post in the group immediately after your last day before you pitch and you say hey, would you like to share your 5 day challenge experience? You can email everybody that registered and say, Hey, could you share a little bit about what you loved about the 5 day challenge. You can also with what I call an ethical bribe, you can say hey, if you leave me a video testimonial about you know what your takeaways from this 5 day challenge where I can fill in the blank some you know, freebie that you can give them just a little motivation. The questions for those folks are what’s the number one reason you join the challenge? What do you like most about the challenge? What was your biggest takeaway? Why would you encourage someone else to join a 5 day challenge and anything else you want to share? Do you see how those four five questions can really be useful for somebody next time? Hey, here’s what I learned. Here’s why it was so amazing. This was my take away. Find that video on my registration page for my following challenge. It’s going to be a big needle mover for people to go, oh yeah, I want to learn these things. Again, it’s somebody else sharing their experience, not me as the host trying to convince



It’s a super way. Super easy way to ask for testimonials, is you can use an automated service like video assets. Very cool. I go in there then I ask a question on video, then they can respond and video and it’s all saved on their servers. I highly recommend if you get a moment to check out a video, ask for an email template as a sample testimonial. Here’s a, here’s a time sensitive request, I’m not going to read this email template, but we’ve provided that for you. You can email your folks and get responses for people who are going to be excited to talk to you about the process. All right, and then we just left a name, contact and interview what their response is and what the interview dates are going to be. That is gonna wrap this up. Somewhere below, you will see a link to download this exact PDF I just walked you through. Also there’s a link, if you’re interested in the perfect launch. They’ll take you over to a page, it’ll tell you everything that you get in the program. If you like what you see on that page, you can apply for an exclusive training, where on that training, I’m going to walk you through the systems that we use. You can understand Whoa, now I see why they give us 97% of the content already done. You’ll understand exactly how to structure your content, which is the number one thing you need to know. Then I go through the 10 psychological triggers. You need to layer into your 5 day challenge to get people to say yes to working with you. I hope this was helpful. This is our series on what to do during Open Cart thank you. I wish you the best of luck on your 5 day challenge.



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