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5 Day Challenge: What to do during open cart


by Stirling Gardner


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This is the number one most important thing you could ever want to know about creating a 5 day challenge guys, it is the thing that people have the most issues with it is the number one reason that people’s challenges either have wild success, or bomb.

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 Welcome back to another installment of launch perfect how to launch your 5 day challenges. My name is Stirling, I am the creator of launch perfect. I have a company called stack digital. Today I’m going to go into why having a session is super important and your 5 day challenge when to have the q&a session. How to build it super powerfully. Those people who are on the fence and haven’t purchased yet. You can move them over there ethically and feel great about it. One of the best ways to do this during Open cart is a q&a day. I typically teach people you’re going to be teaching content on day one, day two, day three, day four. You’re going to wrap up. Summarize the previous three days and teach a little bit more. Mostly you’re going to walk people through what your program looks like, on day four. Invite them into your offer, your program, your course, your coaching, your service. Whatever it is that you happen to be selling. On day five, I tell people to reserve for a full session of questions and answers. In this module, I’m going to teach you what aq & a series looks like. When it’s best to be used, the benefits of it, what guidelines should be placed around the q&a session. It doesn’t become this big free for all. You don’t want to make you know. Have been fielding questions from negative Nellies and keeping the flow positive. I’m going to talk to you about the best ways to do this. How to post the questions. How to elicit the questions ahead of time, to come to people, have them come on live with you so that you can get there. I am going to share my screen here. We’re going to walk through this by the way. What I’m about to show you is available as a download there should be a link below this video that will take you to this exact download. Should you want it.  


Your Q&A To Your 5 Day Challenge

 Hopefully you can see this launch perfect 5 day challenge, open cart q&a session checklist. Okay, we’re going to do a whole series of what you can do during open cart. This is part one. One thing that you want to remember right away is that your q&a should not just be an afterthought. I feel like too often people are like, Oh, I’m just going to show up, I’m going to wing it, I’m going to answer questions. Can you do that? Yes. Is it the most effective way to do it, probably not. The first thing I want you to do is to set aside time for your q&a. I talked a little bit about this at the beginning of the video. You want the q&a and your 5 day challenge, because it’s going to fundamentally change the dynamic between you as the host, Your audience in a great way, as hosts. Sometimes we forget that the point of our teaching isn’t just to let us talk. It’s actually to create an exchange of views and information and the q&a session will transform your teaching from an empty exercise you just talking at your audience. Lecture style into a really great learning experience for your audience. These are some facts: when presentations are interactive, members of the audience are significantly more likely to pay attention. Stay engaged and to tune in because they feel like they’re part of a dialogue not just being spoken to. The q&a also gives you a great opportunity to see how your work is being perceived by others. It’s also going to allow you to get more information out about your topic and your products.   


 People may ask you questions that you never in a million years thought somebody needed the answer to every single 5 day challenge. I do anytime my clients do a 5 day challenge. The second step is to invite people to day five of your 5 day challenge for the q&a. Like I said at the beginning, phase one through three are teaching Day Four is kind of a wrap up and inviting people into your offer. Then day five, you’re going to reserve strictly for aq & a q&a. What am I going to say here? Yeah, you want to budget and allot time, not just on day five, but you want to put about 20% of your schedule of what you’re going to be teaching. Day one, let’s say you’re going to speak for 40 minutes. You want to leave another 10 minutes for q&a just about day one. At the end of each teaching, you want to also leave about 20 20% of your allotted time for q&a. All right. Make sure you invite people to your q&a session during the 5 day challenge. Some may not have fully participated in the 5 day challenge, but they still may have a question . Getting those questions answered can help them convert into your offer. Step three, you want to make a list of potential questions and your answers ahead of time. In case there’s some really random question that gets asked, you need to have some forethought about it. 


What To Follow

We recommend doing a few things. We always have people post a graphic in their group on day four, or the morning of day five, saying, you know. What’s a list of questions that you have either about the 5 day challenge, or about the offer that I made? inviting people into your program? And then you can also grab comments. You can go in and see, usually in the comments from day 123, and four people are gonna write questions you may not have gotten to him that day. assemble those questions, grab the questions from the post that you make. You can always send an email to the people that registered. Say what questions you have about the 5 day challenge, or the offer, put them into a big fat document. You have a place to roll from when you start day five, and then you can open, open the floor up to people asking, you know, live during day five. All right, step four, is to neutralize your openness. What does that mean? When you receive a really thoughtful question that allows you to talk about your product? Answering super simple, right? It’s fun, and it’s easy. If you get an irrelevant question, or somebody who’s meandering. Even worse, somebody you know, comes at you hot, hostile, they may not like something that you said they might just be in a bad mood. Whatever the case may be, you want to thank the person, regardless of of what they’re talking about. This helps neutralize hostile questions. It’s really hard. If somebody’s coming at you, if you don’t, if you say sincerely. No, I want to thank you for bringing this up. That’ll help neutralize that person a lot. Let them know that you’re grateful for the new perspective. That you’re going to look into this perspective in the future, it shows that you are open without giving up your authority. Does that make sense? Okay, great. If possible, you want to pivot irrelevant questions towards something else that you want to address in your q&a, but have not had the chance to yet. One technique for doing that is to rephrase the question. If I understand you correctly, the question is, and then move it into what you know.  


You need to answer. All right, and then you want to prep for an odd and inappropriate question that allows both you and the person asking to save face. For example, you might say that’s a fantastic question. Although I don’t feel it’s appropriate right now, or it might take too long to answer right now, I’d be happy to address it one on one with you after the session. To neutralize and stay open to somebody hostile to recap. You have to acknowledge and thank them for the question, pivoting the question more into an answer that will benefit the group. Thirdly, just saying if it’s completely off the rails, just say. I’m happy to have a conversation with you about that one on one. All right. Then step five, let people know ahead of time, if there’s a cut off for your question. I recommend you specify a cut off time before you dive in. They know how much time that they’re going to be there. During Open Cart, on day five, you’re gonna want to let them know ahead of time that you will stay on to answer every single question if there is no cut off time. If it’s day 1234, you don’t want to have questions going on and on. If you’ve spoken for 20 30 40 minutes, you don’t want to have another 40 minutes of questions to say I’m leaving 10 minutes for the questions today. I’m leaving 10 minutes for the questions today. However, on day five. I do tell people to leave that as open ended as humanly possible because you’ve made your offer. People are going to have a lot of questions about it and you want to make sure to address all those because if you cut cut people off there.  You’re just cutting off a potential sale for you. 



All right. I hope that helps you. Like I said, there’s going to be several links in the below video one is going to be to download the sheet. The second one is going to take you over to my product launch perfectly. It is the fast, easy, safe way to launch a highly lucrative 5 day challenge. It has absolutely everything that you need to do that is not a course it is a system is a process for helping you create really wildly successful 5 day challenges. All right, thank you so much. Onto the next video.



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