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5 Day Challenge: What to do during open cart option 4


by Stirling Gardner


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This is the number one most important thing you could ever want to know about creating a 5 day challenge guys, it is the thing that people have the most issues with it is the number one reason that people’s challenges either have wild success, or bomb.

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Hey guys, my name is Stirling garter, I am the creator of a product called Launch perfect. It is the only fast, safe, easy proven brand new way to launch a highly lucrative 5 day challenge. It’s what my six and seven figure clients and students use to save 97% of the work we hand everything. twos, literally saved 371 hours. We had a client just launched a month and a half ago, she did $800,000. In her 5 day challenge, she was responsible for that. We’ve got many, many case studies, you can find them somewhere else on YouTube. Right now they want to talk to us about what to do during OpenCart. That’s the series that we’re in right now. One super powerful thing that you can do. By the way, there’ll be a link under this video for you to grab the download that I’m about to share with you. It’s got, it’s going to go into more depth than I have time to in this video because I want to respect your time.   


5 Day Challenge: Open Cart

 One of the things you want to do during OpenCart is do an interview for people who’ve gone through your 5 day challenge. Just signed up so that other people can understand why they signed up. I’m going to screen share right now, I’m going to show you this PDF you can download, walk you through it. Again, launch day 5 day challenge OpenCart. Interviewing new signups, testimonials, and interviews are two of the most powerful ways to show people what you offer. How it’s valuable and worthwhile. I talked about this in another video, but there are three types of testimonials to collect during and after your 5 day challenge. People that have purchased your program in the past and had successful that. Then people who had a great experience during your 5 day challenge. You want to interview those and then you want to interview people who are in your current 5 day challenge and are one of the what I call quick buyers. Because you want to interview them to say Hey, what did you love about the 5 day challenge? What did you love about the offer that made you buy it? Everybody is still in your 5 day challenge and thinking about it can hear somebody else’s thought process? Because the number one thing that keeps people from buying, believe it or not, it’s not money. It’s not time, it’s indecision. They just need help making a decision.  


What To Do During Open Cart

One of the best ways to do that is to interview somebody that has just gone through that. What we have here are the following questions that you can ask people who just signed up for your program, but haven’t started the program yet. We use these interviews to help share the buying decision made by some early purchasers to help people still on the fence about buying. The question that you want to answer is, what about the 5 day challenges made? You want to purchase my program?  What’s the number one reason you purchased the program? Do you want them to explain their current problem? What they want solved? Because everybody else is going, Oh, I have that same problem.  Okay. This guy or woman who bought the program he trusts are willing to push them to the next level and solve this problem. What do you ultimately try to get out of the program? People may have different goals and you want to hear what people’s goals are? Because again, people who are listening to this will say,  I have that same goal, stuff that is under the surface, but they don’t consciously think about it. You’re consciously making them aware of it. 


Then for us, what would you tell somebody who’s still on the fence? Now that person who just bought the program is directly addressing those people that still haven’t made the decision? We got a checklist here, name, the contact info response at Navy date. We also have email templates that you can send to everybody that’s in your 5 day challenge. This pot bought your program to ask them, Hey, would it be okay if we interviewed you. If you want to grab that template, again, that link is below, there’s also a link that will take you over, you can learn more about launch perfect. It’s like I said, it’s a system, it is not a course. If you click the link to go over to the application page, it’s going to literally tell you everything that comes with it. We call them toolboxes. It’s all your emails, it’s all your Canva graphics. It’s how to name your 5 day challenge. It’s how to structure your content. I will personally work with you on that. Go over there, take a look at it. If you like what you see you can apply for an exclusive video training.  I will walk you through the 10 psychological triggers you need in your 5 day challenge.



I tell you, I actually teach you exactly what to teach in that video training. Then I’m going to walk you through literally the back end of the system. Nine times out of 10 When people see everything that they get, they usually go oh my god, how do I get my hands on this? I’m going to talk to you and walk you through all that stuff. Um That’s it for this training hope you have a great day I wish you the best of luck in your 5 day challenge.

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