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5 Day Challenge: What to do during open cart option 6


by Stirling Gardner


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This is the number one most important thing you could ever want to know about creating a 5 day challenge guys, it is the thing that people have the most issues with it is the number one reason that people’s challenges either have wild success, or bomb.

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Hey guys, today we’re talking about the last video for everything that you could possibly do during an open card. Hi, my name is Stirling Gardner, I’m the CEO of stack digital, I created a five day launch system called Launch perfect as absolutely everything you need to ever have a super, super lucrative launch, there’s going to be a link down below for the PDF that I’m about to walk you through. You want to grab that. And there’s going to be another link that will take you over to learn a lot more about launch perfect. If that’s something that you’re interested in, there’s video training you can apply for, and learn as much as you want. Now further ado, let’s dive in here. Excuse me for all the screen sharing. We’re gonna jump right into this PDF. Again, the link is below. 5 Day Challenge open cart program walkthrough, one of the absolute best things that you can do during your open cart. If you have an amazing program that has a lot of things that you can show, which I’m about to show you.


5 Day Challenge: Program Walkthrough

I’m actually going to do a program walkthrough of my program that you can see, see this in the Flex is what I use. In all my training sessions. It’s so powerful, because just like the testimonials, where it’s better to see somebody sharing their experience, rather than you trying to explain, I could tell you all day long, all the cool stuff you get inside launch perfect all the email templates, all the Canva templates, all the training about structuring your 5 day challenge, all of the funnel schematics, registration pages, Video Script outlines, I could say that all day long, but once you see it, as you’re gonna see in this video, I’m telling you, most of the time I show people this video when I’m on a sales call or doing a video presentation, they’re like, how do I buy this thing. That’s been my experience with doing a program walkthrough. Let’s just talk quickly about the advantages of this so you get to share with your customers and clients. Everything that they’re gonna get once they’re inside your program is a way to show off like I like to say, all the hard work that you’ve done. There’s six tips. For a successful walkthrough, start with a screenshare of everything you’ll be showing them and whet their appetite. Make sure you have all the tabs open, you’re gonna see on the video, this is going to be two videos, this is going to be the one that you’re watching right now. And then I’m going to show you an actual walkthrough that I’ve already recorded. You’ll see all the tabs open at the top, make sure you talk about the problem that that section of your program solves. Make sure to mention the benefit of each section as you’re walking in through wrapping up your walkthrough with a simple call to action where you can send people to your sales page or to a call booking link. And be enthusiastic and have fun right? 


After all, you’re getting to show off all the hard work you put into this system. You can go this is a repeat one. If you have all the tabs open on your offer. When a question is asked about something rather than you just answering you can go, you’re talking about the email templates. This is them right there. Oh, okay. It gives them a visual representation. It’s not technically tangible because their emails were the closest to having them feel your product as you can. Make sure to open up your program walkthrough for questions about yourself for the program. Invite people who’ve already purchased to get on this walkthrough with us. They can share what their experience is like so far on the verge of meeting and then just hanging out and being with your audience, that’s what they really want. 


The Data

Without further ado, I’m going to edit this video. The next thing that you’re gonna see is boom, me walking right through a program walkthrough. That’s it, leave comments, like and share this video if you like it, and I look forward to talking to you. Now we’re diving into the 10,000 foot view. This is the A to Z map of all your tasks. We have this calculator if you choose to use it. Fantastic. We have three different ways that you can look at this depending on how your brain works. This thing is a list by day and name of tasks and what has to be done. This is so cool. If I know I want to close my cart, close my launch on let’s just say I want to close it on February 14. Who doesn’t love Valentine’s Day? Soon as I hit Enter, bam, all these dates go along with it. You know for me to close my cart to close the launch. Every 14 These are the dates that I need to do everything by with the tasks. That’s one way you can knock it out. Obviously separated by launch prep, lead gen. Come down here when the actual masterclass is yours, basically your Facebook Lives happen. All right, Master Class live number three, so on and so forth. Like it’s just, here’s OpenCart. Yours closing cart. And then if we want to collect data at the end, which I highly suggest you do. It’s just all there. Some people like to look at its calendar view. Phase one I guess that’s it. Anyway, all the tasks laid out that way. Or, if you’re a click up person, bam, we have phase one, which is basically planning, putting together your funnel, your emails, your Facebook posts, your graphics, videos and testimonials.


And here’s a link to how to do everything. Should you need questions answered on how to do any of this. Then there’s phase two, which is when the 5 day challenge is actually going. Just a second thing, we’ve got onboarding. Getting everything, the Legion preparing for Legion, the actual launch challenge day 1234, your OpenCart schedule, post launch. Everything’s there. Super cool. I’m just walking you through how my brain works with the six and seven figure people. We go okay, bam, got a new client, got a new launch? What are we going to do? Cool. Let’s put the date and bam we have everything assigned. Boom, we’re looking to click off we can assign people. You’ll get this click up, Link. I don’t know I’m not a project management whiz. But I believe you can actually import Excel if you use Asana or Trello or something else. However you want to do it is great. Okay, now we’re going back then. Okay, let’s take a look at how you design.


Map Outline

Let’s take a quick look at everything. For designing your signature, awesome, personalized 5 day challenge. This is a guy’s creating a high converting transformative challenge. This is that there is more detail about the structures, then you’re going to put your structures into a roadmap, then you’re going to outline each piece of content. I give you Video Script templates for each piece of content. Here’s the most effective way to name your 5 day challenge. Here’s the different levels of 5 day challenges. Here’s your goals and calculator. Here’s your checklist. Here’s what to do during OpenCart. Super important by the way, this should probably be a lot more than a bonus. I got hot seats, the success mindset. Let’s dive into now having the workbook in two formats here. Some people love working in Google Sheets, Google Docs fine, great. And then we also have that I will walk you through. We also have it in an editable PDF for those of you that prefer that. Alright, so let’s just look here real quick. We’ve got the content strategy, roadmap, boom. Here’s the three things that they need to do. Topical overview, with examples. See, I don’t like when people just give you templates without context, or examples. It’s how many times you stare at a template and you’re like, I don’t know how to apply this to me. 


But when you read somebody else’s, you’re like, Oh, well, now I have the context. Now this makes sense. All of these pieces by the way, launch perfectly. I do a video like a loom over the shoulder as I walk you through each one of these. You have maximum context. Okay, then we get into the content strategy outline, boom, boom, boom, tip for day one. Examples, like I said, this is all these are all my personal examples, you planning toolkit for day to Video Script templates. After you have the map outline done, boom. You can make this as detailed or not as you want. I love working from a script whenever possible. Some people like getting phone calls in the middle of a presentation, some People like to wing it. And that’s fine too. It’s just all up to you, you just have to have the outline, obviously, you need to have your marks, how to name your 5 day challenge, as we talked about launch goals, launch revenue, your checklist. And then of course, it’s in a much prettier format. It’s the same content. But it’s an editable PDF. Let’s roll back into the next toolbox.  This frickin messaging Bible will change your business’s life forever. I know that sounds really cocky. But it’s true. I have done an unbelievable Bible messaging program here. I’m not even going to go into all these. 


Your Tools

But I walk you through basically your origin story, your life origin story and into your business origin story. And when you start thinking about how you were put on earth to do, the thing that you’re doing right now, and how you can help people with that. It is phenomenally inspiring, and phenomenally motivating. I give you examples here. I give you a personal, professional financial family relationship here. I walk you through all this in the program. Don’t worry if you’re not getting it off. And you’re going to be like you’re going to do this. I call it a super confidence booster. Originally, it was an origin story, because you finish just this one page and you’re like, Whoa, I have a destiny. Then we get into expert questions, questions that only you can answer in your entire field. I don’t care how busy your field is, we will separate you from the crowd. Just questions about your avatar, we dive deep into what the new opportunity is. Pain stack, the odds are they’re all the odds that your ideal client has gone against them. These are all the fears that they have. This is the epiphany bridge, we talked about how we bridge them into working with you the five steps to client transformation, you it is a game changer. Okay. Alright, let’s get into emails, I love seeing things to the 10,000 foot view on the big idea guy. I will give you the big idea, the context and then the details. This is just your email map. This is option one, it’s it’s the simplified version of all the different emails that we have in the order that they go in Monday day to the OpenCart closed cart, then if you’re like advanced marketer, or you’re like one of those people like me, who even if you’ve never done it before, you gotta do all the bells and whistles. Like, I don’t do anything, simply I do everything. It’s like, I want all the bells and whistles like what if it makes you an extra sale. Then those are built in here. 


The email the down sell possibilities. List from promotion, affiliate email. Again, 10,000 foot view, let’s look at all the damn emails that you get. We’ve got open cart, affiliate, close cart, lists, promotion, posts, launch, registration, engagement, abandoned cart. Very, very rarely do you use these, but you have your Facebook Live announcements, and you’ve downscale email. This isn’t just one email, each document has each sequence. There’s three registration emails, there’s I think, three or four open carts, there’s three closed carts. I don’t even know what the tug grand total of all these emails are. But let’s look at a template. And then let’s look at an example of what you get for every single one of all these emails. Here is a basic registration email. This is the way that I want to learn things, I want to learn the why behind everything. I will tell you the purpose of the email, and what it is designed to do. Then email registration one, this is when you send it, this is who it goes to, from what’s the name of your 5 day challenge, and then obviously, follow this. Now what’s cool about this you, is I also give you the examples to follow because again, sometimes without context, it makes it really hard. Every single email that has a template has a sample. This is for us. Welcome to launch your perfect 5 day challenge, dear so and so thank you for choosing yada yada yada. Boom where to put the grant where To put the link and for some additional details, really, really fun stuff. Boom. Let’s go into it now we’re into the graphics. This is every frickin launch perfect graphic you could ever need. Okay? Not going to get into the specifics of them because there’s multiple graphics under each one of these folders to choose from. Here’s just one sample, here’s the aha moments, it tells you what to put where. Boom, here’s our example. And you do that for as many as we tell you to make. 


Boom. Here’s what people forget. I mentioned this earlier. You don’t just put a graphic up without saying anything. We’ve got every template that you need that goes with every single graphic. You don’t have to think of anything you open, give me questions. Did you get your email doors closing every single post that you need? Again, here’s an example. tell you when to send it. What the purpose of it is. Here’s the copy. Check this out. After you’ve built them inside Canva, you can organize them in a folder Canva now has a content planner. You can create the templates, the graphic templates, excuse me your graphics from the templates. You know from the schedule, what day each one is supposed to go out. I didn’t know this was cheese lovers day. But let’s say let’s say that you’re going live. For the first time on Monday the 18th.


Boom, pops it up. I opened up my projects. Looking for the most perfect templates. I’m going to send Let’s send an aha moment, just because that’s the one we showed. Pull up the template. I am sending this to my Facebook group. Maybe you pick the last perfect page one. They’re in this pack. There’s looks like there’s 13 different versions. You just have to pick which one is yours. I’m just going to don’t matter for the sake of this page will be slightly more pages than except so let’s just do page three. And I know it’s gonna go out on the 18th. And I know I’m going to do my Facebook Live from let’s say noon to noon to one. And so I know this is going out at one done. I copied the whole thing. Here’s the copy schedule posts. Do you think that you could do 40 graphics like that? That took us two minutes. Probably not even you think you could do 40 graphics and just over an hour and have everything done? Yes, I’m telling you that you can.



I want to show you everything that you get in the funnel. This is all super complicated, right? If you’re a systems person, this is giving you brain orgasms. If you’re an organizer, person, brain, orgasms. All of these here. All organic post templates we give you, given to you, given to you, given to you, given to you. You set this up, but we show you how the postman, they’re basically given to you give and give and give and give and give and give and give and give and give and give and give it give it given to you give it to you Obviously, we don’t write our habit template, because everybody’s main offer that they’re selling at the end of their 5 day challenge is gonna be different. You have to have this. Most likely you already have it. You already have a thank you page. And we follow up with surveys to find out why they bought or why they didn’t buy, why they didn’t buy. With all those emails done. There’s actually more emails and things on here that we’ve already prepared for you. We literally didn’t have space to put because it would look overwhelming, but it’s all done. All right. Here is the Google doc ACC, have the 5 day challenge registration page copy, so that you can cut and paste your copy. Knowing how we do ours. Not that hard, we also have the thank you page, which is basically this. All that copy template done, boom. We, right, recommend that this is just representing the video. Bam. Here’s the video script template word for word.



Thank you for doing that in three minutes. I’m telling you that you can. And then here’s just a copy of the designed page that you can plug and play yourself. Okay. Okay, we have we. Okay, I’ll talk you through those things. Let’s look at the organic stuff that you get, why not? direct message templates, how to post inside your group, how to fill your Facebook group, let’s look at them a little closer. Bam. How to get free leads for your 5 day challenge. 17 different ways you. This is a 13 page document. Everything you need to know. That’s just how to get them. Then maybe here we go. How to fill your Facebook groups with all the templates. And of course, you have to have the graphics to go with your organic templates. Those are all here. All right. I’m super excited about these. Last part, I’m going to walk you through. I realized now this stuff I didn’t even tell you this, this right here. This is probably worth $1,000 maybe more, you could give this community concierge SOP to a VA so that literally all the machinations and everything that needs to happen in the group welcoming people commenting on best practices for engagement, all that stuff, how to set up the group. This is your community concierge guide. Okay, what their roles and responsibilities are. Links if they have questions, scheduling, how to write a post, give it to a VA, let them handle all the stuff in the background. This thing’s awesome. People love this thing. Here’s what we also do. depending on what’s happening in the group, you can have that same concierge, keep track of this. You’re just gonna mark down Hey, I got this. They emailed us about this or they posted about this in the group. What’s the biggest 5 day challenge your members are facing? What do they want to learn? What are they asking? Response? So on so forth, why don’t we track this?


Buyer’s Feedback

Because this is gold for what you’re going to teach about. Maybe you’re like day two, you’re like, Oh, I’m going to teach them how to take the soil for the roses. But all these people are asking a question you’ve never done the 5 day challenge before but all these people have a question about the soil for example. What do you do on day three? You address all those questions. Because you know people have them on day three before you go into the water. And then the next time you run your 5 day challenge, maybe you change the positioning of how you teach. This is gold and you don’t have to collect it; your concierge can do it. We have deep dive surveys if you have time to run one before your 5 day challenge. This will give you invaluable information about your clients dreams, their biggest pains, you think you know, you’ve never done a deep dive you don’t really know. Buyer feedback, non buyer feedback. Let’s take a peek real quick at high ticket mastery that sells for $5,000 that you’re getting for free Super confidence booster. Four Steps to designing your perfect offer or refining your dream client how to do the best quick market research narrowing in the specific problem that you solve because you can actually charge more. Don’t have time to get into that steps to creating your dream clients transformation pricing and positioning your high ticket offer advice in here that I’ve never heard anyone give adding irresistibility their offer again frameworks again templates to fill out a hot seat coaching session and a super quick screenshot tech SOP that’s only five pages long if you even need that. Let’s go back in and wrap this whole thing up. I’m so happy


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