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This is the number one most important thing you could ever want to know about creating a 5 day challenge guys, it is the thing that people have the most issues with it is the number one reason that people’s challenges either have wild success, or bomb.

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Good morning, I’m sitting on the back porch. It’s a little cool this morning. I’m rubbing my hands. It’s also what I do when they get excited. Hi, my name is Stirling Gardner, I’m the creator of launch perfect. It is the only proven five day launch system for you to create easy, easy, easy, very lucrative five day launches. I am also the owner of stack to digital agency. Two things before we get off the bat, I’m not going to go through this entire outline with you in this video. But you can download the entire thing there should be links below this video, as well as if you want to learn more about the launch perfect system. There’s another link in the description below. I want to be very, very clear here, guys. While I talk about that there are five different structures you can use for your content during a 5 day challenge. Jeff Walker’s is one I’ve already taught you the three that I created. I want to touch briefly on Jeff Walker’s because I get the question a lot. Does Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula work for a 5 day challenge? The short answer is yes. It is another way to structure your content, full transparency. I am not a certified Jeff Walker coach. I want anybody that’s interested in taking a deeper dive this is going to be a 10,000 foot overview. 

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To answer the question, yes, it does work. You need to go to Jeff Walker, you need to join his program, you need to learn Product Launch Formula. When you have that you can come back and then do your 5 day challenge, your workshop, your masterclass whatever you want to call it. I’m not trying to steal any of Jeff’s thunder. From everything I’ve been told he’s an amazing person. That’s just not cool. What I’m going to do today is walk over this super, super top level view of the Product Launch Formula, outline the structure. Also I had included, if I were to do a 5 day challenge, about how to do a 5 day challenge. Using Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula. I’ve included how I would structure my information below in this handout. Alright, the very first thing you want to do is you want to talk about the hook. Like why are people here? In my case, it would be like Why aren’t Why do some coaches and entrepreneurs really struggle to grow their business? Why do some people really struggle to launch? What’s that hook that’s going to get them into why they want to? Why do they want to learn from you in this 5 day challenge or this masterclass, right. It might say why I might say something along the lines of why do so many coaches struggle to launch when other people seem to hit it out of the park with ease? Like why is that you know, in your head? You don’t do well, why is that? Well, I’m one of those people who let me keep listening. Okay, then I’m gonna give an introduction, which is basically who I am. Why I’m giving this masterclass a little bit of background, a little bit of credibility. I’m going to go to the series objective, the series objective, excuse me, is what are you trying to teach people during these next four to five days? 

Product Launch Formula

During the 5 day challenge workshop the masterclass What are you teaching them? I would say, at the end of this 5 day challenge, you’re going to know how you’re going to have everything you need, and have learned everything you need to launch an incredibly lucrative 5 day challenge as simply as possible, then I’m going to give you a warning and say, Look, I want to tell you, for one thing, I want to address what they are afraid of right. I want to say guys, hey, just a heads up. warning them that this is a different approach than anything that they’ve learned before that they really need to pay attention. If they want to solve this problem. Like, guys, this is I’m telling you to pay attention because this is a big deal. I’d say you probably think that launching, doing a 5 day challenge feels heavy. That seems like too much work that there’s too many moving pieces. I’m going to say it’s basically people’s limiting beliefs about why they’re not doing something. I’m going to tell them that’s not the case. Now let me show you why. Now I’m going to move into the current reality. The current reality is the current reality that your prospect is going through that your audience is going through right now you probably don’t have time, you feel like you don’t have this, like where are they stuck? Where are they stuck that they can’t launch? Where are they stuck that they can’t do? Learn the thing that you want to teach them? Then I’m going to go in. 

The Objective

Here’s the objective for the day, guys. I just want to tell you that today you’re going to learn to fill in the blank. I might say today you’re going to learn exactly what to say in your I got a 5 day challenge. That’s the most important thing, guys. All right, I’m gonna tell you the reason for sharing that I created this product and the system. Then I had all these clients that wanted to launch and they weren’t sure how, but I had the knowledge. I’m sharing, I want to share that knowledge with you guys, because I’ve obtained these incredible results for my clients. I’m going to talk about the personal story in my story, like, I didn’t set out to be the 5 day challenge guy. I came up with this idea, and had a couple of clients that wanted to try it out. It worked like gangbusters. I got more and more referrals. And then I got overwhelmed. I had to build the system. It’s selfish, I built the lowest perfect system to keep my sanity. Then when I proved it over 60 challenges with different clients, I wanted to be able to share this content with you guys. That’s how you fold in the reason for sharing your personal story. Then you want to talk about what their desired reality is like, what do they want? After they have a big huge 5 day challenge? What do they want? You know, we talked about taking people from where they’re stuck, which is their current reality to unstuck, they want to launch, they want to grow their business, they don’t know how unstuck is, they have a completely dialed in launch system. That’s the highest converting mechanism ever. They have more time, more freedom, ability to go hang out with their family, whatever the case is, what is their, what is their aspiration? What do they want? Why are they coming, I’m gonna share Hey, guys, this is my plan. You’re going to roll it out step by step, and content piece number one, I’m going to talk about my framework, the process and the system. For me, the launch perfect framework, I have something called the cake framework, where we layer in these 10 psychological triggers, that you get easy yeses from all of the people that you’re speaking to in your audience. Okay, content piece, number one Sr, we just have that my framework, alright, then you’re going to deliver the actual content. Let me show you what the cake framework is. Okay, great. Here’s the cake framework I’m teaching you. Then I’m going to say, Guys, you’re going to basically want to show up tomorrow. Because now that I’ve solved this problem for you, now that I’ve shared with you how to do an amazing 5 day challenge with the K framework, this is the next problem that you’re going to have. But you’re in luck, because I’m going to teach that to you on day two. You’re setting up the transition into the new problem. Video number two, you’re gonna say, hey, tomorrow, we’re going to talk about what they need to know next. Please share and like and get some engagement on your video. Then you’re gonna say, guys, this thing is going to change your life. It’s going to be amazing. I can’t wait to talk to you tomorrow. Obviously, that was less than five minutes. It’s a huge top top down overview. 


But I just wanted you guys to sort of see what the structure of the Product Launch Formula is. Again, this is Jeff Walker’s wheel house. I invite you to go check out Product Launch Formula and what Jeff’s doing, he’s a great guy. Like I said, you can download this and the script for how I would teach Product Launch Formula. I look forward to you knocking it out of the park with your 5 day challenge.

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