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5 Day Challenge Launch Schematic


by Stirling Gardner


hey there 

This is the number one most important thing you could ever want to know about creating a 5 day challenge guys, it is the thing that people have the most issues with it is the number one reason that people’s challenges either have wild success, or bomb.

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Today I’m going to talk to you about what a launch funnel actually looks like. What you see in front of you is a launch funnel schematic. But hold on don’t get overwhelmed, I’m going to show you how all this can be automated. I’m gonna tell you my name is Stirling Gardner.  I am the creator of a product and a system called Launch perfect is the only easy, lucrative way to pull off a very, very successful 5 day challenge. You’re going to see two links in the description below one is going to be you can download this schematic right here. The second is if you want to find out more about how we get our clients 87x results. Our last challenge we did for a client did $800,000 on there’s a link below, it will take you over and you’ll learn more about launch perfect over there.


Launch Schematic

Let’s dive into this launch schematic, for those of you that are familiar it is going to be like holy cow, this is like gold. For those of you that don’t have any idea what we’re looking at, let me just walk you through it. Everything over here, these are all the traffic sources. These are all the possible ways that you can get people into your 5 day challenge. You can use these organically, you can also use them as paid. It depends on what your platform of choice is. I usually use Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube. All you’re trying to do is tell people about your challenge. What you’re going to be doing, then you have to send them somewhere that they can register for your challenge, right? This is a free challenge launch registration page. All the traffic is being driven here. After they register, two things happen. One, they’re immediately sent an email saying yay, you’re in. The second thing is after they click that, yes, I want to register. They’re taken to a thank you page. There’s gonna be other training here and also more in depth inside the launch perfect system.  Where I teach you how to create an incredibly appealing registration page. Then how to immediately ingratiate yourself on the thank you page.


Engagement Emails

Let’s say you start telling people about this a week before, you’re going to do one of your 5 day challenges. During that time we have what we call engagement emails. These people are now on your email list. An engagement email could be something as simple as, Hey, guys, I want you to check out this podcast I did, it’s really going to give you some information before we start our 5 day challenge. I did this podcast over here. Hey, here’s a quick training video, or, Hey, here’s my most popular blog post, anything like that just to keep in touch with people before you start your 5 day challenge. All of these pages, whether it’s on the thank you page, or these emails, all you’re trying to do is direct them inside your Facebook group.


This Facebook group, as you probably know, is a temporary Facebook group that is not going to live on forever. It is created specifically for the purpose of your 5 day challenge. Again, tell people about your challenge, hey, registered on this page, great. Then they say hey, this is the thank you page, I’m going to tell you a little bit about the challenge. I’m going to tell you where it’s all going to take place. They click the button below that video. Then they go into your Facebook group where you let them in. Next, these represent your five Facebook Lives. Challenges, typically five days it can be, it can be shorter, some are longer. But typically the most common one is a 5 day challenge. You go live on day one, day two, day three, day four, and day five. As we’ve discussed in videos, you will give them an email, letting them know that you’re going live. Then you’ll give them an email reminding them hey, we went live, and we’re going live tomorrow. That goes on for four to five days. Then on day four, and five, depending what you’re gonna say, if you don’t get a lot of value out of this.

I want to show you guys how you can work with me, you want to invite them to work with you right or sell them your course or your program. When you do that, you’re gonna say, Hey, if you’re interested in joining us, here’s the sales page. You just direct everybody to the sales page. Usually from the time that you offer people to work with you, to the time that you close the Facebook group that’s called open cart period. It’s usually four and a half to 5 days. During that time, you’re going to be sending them different emails. They’re basically going to address their concerns that they might have. Typically, the biggest concerns are around I don’t know if I have time to do this. I don’t know if I have the money to do this. I’m scared to do this. 


Thank You Page

And then we use an email called a future pace, which is like, hey, imagine yourself, you know, 30 days from now. When you’ve done this unbelievable launch, and you’re like, just grew your business bigger than you’ve ever grown it before. All of those are trying to get people to the sales page. After they purchase. There’s a thank you. Thank you page, thanks much, these are the next steps. And then what we add to this is, after the cart closes, after that five day open cart period closes. We’d like to send surveys out.  We’d like to send surveys to the people who purchased asking them why and surveys to people who have not purchased and asking them why that gives us data. The next time we do a 5 day challenge, we have a much better understanding of how to write these emails and actually even teach differently. If you know, there’s a big objection: I think 5 day challenges or too much work. You can adjust that right on day one, I know a lot of you probably think a 5 day challenge is a lot of work. It’s not here’s why.

Here’s what I’m gonna tell you about perfect loans, guys. Literally, everything you see in this schematic is templated out and given to you in the launch perfect program 97% of this work is handed to you. I can’t drive the traffic for you. I mean, you could hire my agency to do that. But we give you the registration page template, we give you the thank you page template, all these email templates, we show you how to set up your group. We give you all the content structure, walk you through how to take your expertise and frame it into five days of content. All of these emails are templated for you, all of these are templates for you.



We do not give you a sales page template. Why? Because we’d have to write a template for every single person’s different offer out there and it would be impossible to do. If you’ve done your offer before you have this already in your possession. Then we can show you how to better set up your thank you page. We give you all the services we give you the survey forms we give the survey emails. I mean there’s we give you all the graphics we give you everything that you need for Launch  Perfect. I’m super excited to see what gets you going on your super highly lucrative 5 day challenge. So again, my name is Stirling Garner. Thanks so much. I wish you the best of luck on your 5 day challenge. 




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