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What does a Free 5 Day Challenge Outline Look Like


by Stirling Gardner


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This is the number one most important thing you could ever want to know about creating a 5 day challenge guys, it is the thing that people have the most issues with it is the number one reason that people’s challenges either have wild success, or bomb.

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There we go, guys, my name is Stirling Garner, I am the CEO of stack digital and the creator of a 5 day challenge system called Launch perfect is the only proven framework for a 5 day challenge that makes it easy and incredibly lucrative. Two things I want to alert you to please are the links below in the description, you’re going to be able to download the lesson that I’m walking you through here as it’s going to also have the checklist. 


So we’re going to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of free versus paid challenges. Then if you want to know more about this incredible system, it gets our clients $800,000 returns, which is bananas to even say. Also 87x returns and other challenges able to launch in 14 days. It’s phenomenal, which should be a link that will tell you all everything you need to know about launch Perfect. All right, so let’s dig into it. So the question I get asked a ton is is a free challenge better than a paid challenge, and why? Alright, so let’s talk a little bit about the pros and cons of each. I can go into a little bit of detail. So the free challenge here is the pros, you’re definitely going to get more people a new 5 day  challenge, full stop, full stop. It’s the difference between handing out free ice cream sundaes, and $5 ice cream sundaes on the street, right. There’s less work and moving pieces in your funnel. 

They’re generally better if you aren’t a big name. I’ll talk about why that is true in a minute. Because you’re gonna get more people into your challenge, you’re gonna grow your email list bigger. Then you also when you’re inside your 5 day challenge, there’s just going to be more engagement because you have a larger audience right? Now, the downside of that is you’re, you’re potentially going to get a bunch of people that just want to, we call them freebie seekers are tire kickers, they just want to come in and check it out. But they’re not really going to be buyers. I’ll talk about that in a second. Less commitment during the 5 day challenge, because there’s an old adage, which I’ve found true 100% of the time, people value what they pay for full stop. People value what they pay for things that are given to them for free, just get tossed aside, they’re literally not perceived as valuable. Fewer people show up in your Facebook group, and people say that you aren’t bringing in buyers. 

There’s a saying in marketing that if somebody has opened up their wallet, once, it’s a lot easier for them to open it up again. So if they pay for your 5 day challenge, the theory is that it’s a lot easier for people, or that those people are more likely to pay for your offer at the end of the challenge. So let me just walk through some of these. So for sure, you’re gonna get more people in your challenge, less work moving pieces in your funnel. Why is that? Well, if all I have to do is create a funnel registration page, and a thank you page, that’s a lot easier if it’s free. If I’m selling a 5 day challenge, I’ve got to create a sales page, which is a lot more involved, I gotta create an order page, that’s an extra step, excuse me, a lot of people will start, I gotta pause this and sneeze. Thank you. The sales page is a lot more in depth. If you’re trying to sell somebody rather than get somebody in for free. There’s the order, there’s a cart, right? So people have to have a place to pay nine times out of 10, you’re gonna have what they call a one time offer. So there’s going to be an upsell offer after that. So that page you have to build. Then they go into the Facebook groups where the registration page registration Thank you grip. It’s a simpler funnel. Another pro for free is that it’s better if you aren’t a quote unquote, big name. So the general rule that I tell people is that if you have a following, if you have a large email list, if you have a lot of influence as a social media person, if you have a lot of warm audience that already knows you, it’s a lot easier for them to want to pay for a 5 day challenge than it is for those who don’t pay. If you’re not a big name, and you don’t have a following, I always say do it for free because you’ll get more people in your challenge and on your email list. Um, one thing people also ask is a challenge: a lead funnel or a sales funnel. It’s both. It’s a great, great, great way to get a bunch of leads. And then obviously you’re also selling them at the end of the 5 day challenge. So if we want to flip the pros and cons to paid, it’s pretty much exactly what I said in reverse: fewer people to the pro to a page house, there’s gonna be fewer people in it. There’s gonna be fewer people to manage. Potentially stronger connections if there are fewer people. You get to comment and interact with a larger percentage of people.

You make money up front but sometimes can pay for ad spend. People again, this comes down to what they value versus what they don’t. If they make, they’re more committed to show up in your group, they’re more committed to absorbing your content. Technically they have more buying intent. The cons are that if you had done a free one, you maybe could have sold. People who see you learn from you entrust you because of the 5 day challenge, but they aren’t in your group because you weren’t because they weren’t comfortable paying. So does that make sense? So if it was free, people don’t know you, but you go in there, you deliver amazing value and content, they really connect with you and then they enroll and buy your offer. Those people who weren’t willing to take that risk and didn’t buy your page challenge, they’re not going to be in there. Llike I said before, there’s a more complex funnel with more moving parts. Attached to this is also my ultimate 5 day challenge checklist, which is incredibly thorough. I’m super proud of it. Click the button below. If you’re also liking these videos, please subscribe and save and like, and I look forward to seeing you kick ass in your 5 day challenge.

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