“Be so good they can’t ignore you.”

Stirling gardner of stackt digital in front of books

From Hollywood to Digital Marketer

Stirling gardner of stackt digital in front of books

Stirling Gardner was in Hollywood, dressed in jeans, a t-shirt, and his favorite worn out boots, his life about to become a TV series. Poised to become the next big thing…..he realized it wasn’t at all what he wanted.

So he packed up his life and moved across the country to a quirky, tech-y little city nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains, wondering what the hell he was going to do, but feeling certain that he wanted to only seek status if it was built on some serious substance.

He started working with a rehab company to manage their Facebook marketing, and the Mensa-level math genius and Hollywood storyteller from his past self collided in full force, allowing him to see the world of Facebook ads like Pandora’s box: overflowing with gold for clients. 

“Be so good they can’t ignore you”

He was on a plane heading to a Facebook Ads Certification Program, surrounded by strangers and white noise, when he read something that forever altered his approach to business. In response to being asked what advice Steve Martin would give to an up and coming comic, the legendary icon replied, “Be so good they can’t ignore you.” 

Everything galvanized in that moment. From that point forward, it became his mantra.

He became a learning junkie and soaked up, analyzed, dissected everything there was to know about FB ads and funnels. He learned so much that he became an advisor to the experts. He began to see the hidden assets in client portfolios and knew exactly how to monetize them.


The day he took his first client over the $1M mark with a $497 product, he knew he’d found his zone of genius. So he built a legacy business, Stackt Digital, that was dedicated to showing other wannabe legacy business owners how to become so great they can’t ignore you. Status, but with some serious substance.


What's the Secret?

Stirling gardner of stackt digital

And along that journey, Stirling learned a secret, the thing that separates the elite agencies from the dime-a-dozen mediocre marketing agencies, and the ones that have absolutely no business running ads for anyone. Ever. These elite agencies see the holistic picture of a business, every aspect from business purpose to offer to funnel to marketing to client pain points. They essentially operate as a Chief Marketing Officer, and understand that Facebook Ads are only one small part of the whole. If something is broken anywhere, it will affect every other aspect of the business, including ads.

Stackt Digital uses Mensa-level math skills to take your business from the 2 dimensional way you have been operating, and propels you into a world of 3D. A world where effective marketing increases the overall volume of your business because ALL of the cracks are found and fixed BEFORE solid marketing brings in a flood of increased business.

Stirling gardner of stackt digital

We have created our own:




They have successfully created millions of increased revenue, and unquantifiable quantities of impact for our clients.

We overdeliver in a huge way, and stand ready to work with disruptors, change makers, and thought leaders who are tired of playing small and are poised to become so good they can’t ignore you.