How to Get Free Leads For Your 5 Day Challenge

How to Get Free Leads For Your 5 Day Challenge

How to Get Free Leads For Your 5 Day Challenge was created to give you 17 free and organic ways to fill your 5-Day challenge, workshop, bootcamp, or masterclass.

$17 million.

That’s how much my clients have made doing free 5-Day challenges.

Although many of them come to me to run their Facebook ads, we always share our best organic promotional strategies with them as well, because who doesn’t love free leads?

Pro Tip: ads work even better when used in combination with organic strategies.

That said, let’s get going!

Congratulations for grabbing your ultimate guide to free traffic!

Clearly, you are looking to step up your organic game, so you can get more of your ideal clients into your challenges.

Did I mention a 5-Day challenge is the #1 highest converting marketing tactic in the world today?

Nothing creates higher profits than a challenge done well!

Hey, my name is Stirling Gardner, the creator of Launch Perfect™.

I have helped over 50 clients create wildly profitable challenges.

You can see one of our case studies where we made our client 87X return on his investment.

87X Returns? Say What?

A large part of our challenge strategy is teaching our clients and students to use organic promotional strategies to enhance their results.

If you are looking for a proven challenge framework because you know a challenge can work really well, please feel free to check out our info page and apply for a free video training.

We are happy to help add you to our list of highly successful students and clients.

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Below are all the strategies I know to get free leads.

Not all of them will feel “like you,” so you want to choose the ones that are aligned with the way you do business.

So, without further adieu, let’s talk organic strategies!


You are probably already in several Facebook groups relevant to your subject matter.

For example, I am in multiple groups about marketing.

Many of these groups allow you to post about things you are doing or working on and that would include announcing you have an upcoming 5-Day Challenge.

Depending on the rules of the group, you may be able to post a link or you may have to post about the things you will be covering in your challenge and ask people to let you know if they are interested by either commenting on your post or sending you a Direct Message (DM).

You can then give them the link to the challenge.

Please be mindful of group rules because you don’t want to jeopardize your status in the group.

Even though you know you are there to serve and give value, sometimes group admins that don’t have context will think you are spamming the group.

If in doubt, you can always reach out to the Admins to ask.


Speaking of Admin, if there are Facebook groups where you know your ideal clients are hanging out, you can connect with the Admins and see if they would be willing to do an “interview with you” via Facebook Live.

They can potentially ask you questions about your upcoming challenge and you can share about it directly in that group.

To sweeten the deal, you can offer a commission to the group owner for anyone that signs up for your challenge (and buys your offer at the end of it).

Money is always a good motivator.


You can start your own Facebook Group.

It’s free and very easy to do.

There is also a simple way to collect people’s emails as they join your group.

We use Group Funnels to make the entire process seamless.

(Please note that is an affiliate link and something we use with our clients every day.) Then, you can pin a post about your challenge in the Group and/or you can email them the details.


Outreach marketing is exactly as it sounds…

Facebook Events can be created using your personal profile, in a Group, or from a Business Page.

I love this breakdown from Sprout Social on 13 Ways to Use Facebook Events for Your Brand.

Facebook Events are a quick and easy way to put your challenge into the Metaverse. 🙂


Going live and doing a mini-training can be a fantastic way to get people’s attention.

Currently, all social media platforms that offer LiveStreaming: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube push your live video feed to the top of their “newsfeeds.”

Going Live is the #1 way to “trick” the algorithm into pushing you to the top which gives you more eyeballs on your content than normal.

There are tons of ideas for going live… just think about it as dividing up your challenge into tiny micro-trainings where you’re giving just enough to entice people to join your challenge, but not so much they feel like they got what they need.


Similar to Facebook Events, you can let people know you are hosting a 5-Day Challenge, Workshop, Bootcamp, or Masterclass, and link them directly to the registration page.

The great thing with LinkedIn Events is that both the organizers and attendees can send invitations to their LinkedIn connections.


Content marketing can take many forms, but in a nutshell, it is the practice of posting video, graphics, and/or copy that highlights different aspects of your challenge onto social media.

For example, we provide our students and clients Canva Templates and Post Templates to feature various things that they will cover in their challenge.

These things could be the daily topics they will cover, features of being in the challenge or inside their program, benefits of being in the challenge, etc. Other ideas include: infographics, teaser videos, behind-the-scenes posts, vlogs about the process, or free lead magnets related to your challenge.

Remember to use a HOOK → STORY → CALL TO ACTION

The Hook appeals to your ideal clients’ emotional reason for attending.

The story is how you or one of your clients/students got what they were seeking by working with you or attending your challenge.

The Call to Action is you reminding them to register for your challenge.

All in all, there are nine different types of posts we provide for our clients and we highly recommend getting them up before your challenge goes live.

To get an idea of some of these organic promotional posts, you can check out our Launch Perfect Information and Application Page

What Are These Organic Posts of Which You Speak?


For those of you that don’t know, there are people who run affiliate promotions for other people’s offers.

As an example, there are people with large email lists full of your ideal clients.

The owners of these lists will (in exchange for a percentage of your sales) possibly promote your challenge for you.

It is not hard to find these folks… all it takes is to start asking around.


There are two ways to do this.

You can reach out to your network, friends and family and ask them to promote your challenge to the people they know as a favor…

Or piggy backing off what we talked about in strategy #8, you could offer them an affiliate commission for anyone that signs up.


You can set up incentives for people already registered for your challenge to spread the word.

As an example, you could create a pre-written email for your registrants and have them send it to their contacts in return for a juicy incentive.

The pre-written email would have the challenge registration link already in it.

Obviously, the incentive has to be large enough for people to want to refer someone else.


Ahead of your challenge, you can start to build your email list by offering a free piece of content that people have to opt in to get.

Make sure the freebie is relevant to the challenge you will be doing.

As the challenge approaches, you keep them informed via email whetting their appetite to register when the time comes.


An amazing way to get people to take action is to give them something for registering for your 5-Day Challenge early.

By making a few time-sensitive posts, people can get additional access to you or your training materials if they sign up before a specific date and time.

A few examples of exclusive bonuses: a free mini training, a fillable PDF handout, a complementary resource, a lower value course.


Warning:  Controversial Subject ahead!

If you don’t know, outreach messaging is when someone messages (on Facebook, IG, Pinterest, etc) you in order to get you to do something: usually to get on a phone call,  so they can potentially sell you their product or service.

The problem is this: when someone you don’t know “friends” you, then messages you right away and asks you questions a normal person wouldn’t… i.e.questions about your business, it feels really “sales-y” and no one likes it.

Generally speaking, as a cold outreach tactic, do not do it!

However, it is perfectly okay to message people you are already friends with and who might make ideal clients to ask them to register for your 5 Day Challenge.

One word of warning: do not simply copy and paste your message and start messaging people. Most of the social platforms will see this as spam and can shut your account down.

If you do this method, make sure you take the time to write personal messages.

Most people can tell a “copy and paste” job from a mile away. Don’t be that person. 🙂


Plenty of people these days host virtual events where a group of experts take turns sharing their knowledge.

This is a great way to get your name out there as well as sharing your expertise to an audience you wouldn’t normally have access to.

If the event is something like an online summit, usually the host let’s the guests make one simple clear pitch for their product or service.

You can always promote your challenge this way.

And if you don;’t have your challenge scheduled yet, simply send the audience to a “wait list” page where you can collect their emails when it is time to do your next 5 day challenge.

Pro Tip: try to get the host to send an email to all the participants once your challenge date is set.


If you have your own blog, great, but its not necessary these days.

Anyone can start a blog on a site like Medium and people who have never heard of you may find you.

I tell my students and clients to write one simple blog post about a topic they know will resonate with their ideal clients and to create a call to action at the end which is to join their challenge.

It also gives you another resource to share on social media, in your messages, and on event posts.

16. LIVE EVENTS (Part 1)

If you are ever invited to be a guest speaker at a live event, you can share your knowledge from the stage and make your call to action for people to join your challenge.

And because I know, most of you reading this aren’t public speakers, I present to you…

17. LIVE EVENTS (Part 2)

Start attending live events where your ideal clients are also in attendance.

People love connecting with others. One of the main points of a live event is the networking.

Mark my words, if you tell people that you are hosting a 5 day challenge, you will be remembered.

Create a business card and put a QR Code on it that people can scan and be taken to your registration page or wait list page.

You can also create your own live event using where you will speak for 30 minutes about a particular topic relevant to your ideal clients and pitch them your 5 day challenge there.

I am sure a few of these strategies opened your eyes to new possibilities.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways our students and clients have done successful 5 day challenges without spending any money on ads.

The next time you do a challenge, try a few of these out.

If you plan it well, it won’t take that much of your time and the cool thing is, if you create templates from your posts (like we do for our clients), you can repurpose them each time you do a new 5 day challenge.

If you want to save 371 hours doing all the things necessary to have a wildly profitable 5 day challenge, check out our Launch Perfect Information Page by clicking the link below.

I Want to Save 371 Hours Setting Up My 5 Day Challenge


Your business deserves the best