WHAt to avoid
at all costs during
a 5 Day challenge

(What really happens when you think you know what you’re doing, but secretly you don’t.)

by Stirling Gardner


Oh, I’ve seen it. 

And it’s not pretty.

People hear about the success of some of my clients like Matt, who did 87X returns on his 5 day challenge or Mark, who made his second million dollars 4x faster than his first million when he learned how we teach challenges and think, “Wow! How hard can it possibly be?”

When it looks seamless from the outside, everyone thinks it’s a piece of cake.

“I am an expert! I can talk for 5 days and get people to buy my offer.”

If it were that easy, don’t you think everyone would be raking it in?

The truth is, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you will be wasting a ton of time, money, and energy.

However, 5 day challenges can be extremely lucrative and fun when you follow a proven step-by-step system…

Before I share the secret to doing a super high converting 5 day challenge, let me share with you what I see as the biggest mistakes people make in their launches. #5 is my personal fave.

Table of Contents

MISTAKE 1. Making Your Challenge Launch Overly Complex

“Let’s make 50 worksheets!”

More is more, right!? Absolutely not. 

I know you want to provide value, but providing too much OR the wrong value will overwhelm your audience and prevent them from having the “mini transformation” they need during your challenge in order to buy your offer at the end of the 5 days.

“I have this awesome idea for a 12 page funnel!”

I have seen people create funnels where their brand new leads can’t even find where the challenge takes place.

Our rule is: K.I.S.S. – keep it stupid simple.

“I’m going to record fully scripted videos with Hollywood-style editing, cut screens, and b-roll!”

Again, K.I.S.S…

You can confidently execute, break the mold, and blow your prospects’ minds without getting caught up in “launch production.” 

There is no need for high end production… people want to see the real, raw you and overly produced video can take away from that.

Save your time by leaving out all the crazy bells and whistles… focus on the quality of your content and your connections.

5-Day-Challenge Launch Strategy Mistakes

All you need is a simple system to give you the clarity and peace of mind to see what actually needs to be done and how to get it done without over-complicating the process.


Imagine if 97% of the work of doing a challenge was handed to you on a silver platter…


…where you could simply hand off a “proven challenge system” that contained a precise list of tasks and high converting templates to a V.A. 
… what if everything was handled seamlessly in the background, so all you have to do is show up and shine…


It is possible to have a highly impactful challenge without overwhelming yourself or your attendees.

It’s what my students and clients do with great success.

MISTAKE 2. Not Knowing Exactly What to Say

Perhaps you’ve been in a challenge and it feels confusing even though you’re pretty sure the person is an expert?

Or worse, they keep talking and talking but you aren’t getting any value from what they’re saying…

It’s because they don’t have a clear roadmap for delivering content in their 5 day challenge.

I have done over 50 challenges for my clients in a wide variety of niches, and in addition to that, I have taken part in at least 100 other challenges to see what I can learn from them…

I want to know what I can share with my students and clients that really works well… and what doesn’t.

I don’t care how much of an expert you are, if you do not lay out your content in digestible, bite-sized pieces that “step people into your offer,” you are doing it wrong.

I see people “winging it” all the time and it turns into an ugly, chaotic mess.

The #1 thing I see people get wrong in their challenges is their content.

This is THE most important thing I teach in my system called Launch Perfect™


Because clarity = confidence.

Your job is to nurture your audience and create mini-transformations each day… it is not to fire-hose them with all the brilliant knowledge you have.

A confused customer doesn’t buy.

5-Day-Challenge Launch Strategy Mistakes

However, if you nail your challenge content, your audience’s next natural and logical step is to join your program or buy your course.

It really is that easy.

MISTAKE 3. Failing to properly nurture your audience inside your Facebook Group

The idea behind a 5 day challenge is to create a community of like minded people who all share the same problem that you are uniquely gifted to solve.

They are there to spend time connected to YOU! Not just listen to you, but have the ability to engage and get feedback.

If you don’t take the time to connect with your audience, reply to their comments, and answer their questions, your audience will not feel heard and will quickly whither and die.

I was once involved in a 5 day challenge and counted over 700 comments that went unanswered.

Put yourself in the shoes of your attendees… if you comment with excitement or have a question and you get ignored… How connected would you feel? Not very thrilled, right?

If you don’t take the time to treat them as human beings looking for help and only see them as a possible sale, you’ve missed the entire point.

The goal is to make everyone feel welcomed, heard, and appreciated.

If you do this right, your 5 day challenge should feel more like an in-person retreat than a “Rah Rah Rah!” silly hyped up event that comes off like a Tony Robbins impersonator screaming through your computer!

Sorry to be the one to tell you this, but people aren’t looking for a temporary high…

They are looking for true connection and to have their problems solved by someone that truly cares about them.

5-Day-Challenge Launch Strategy Mistakes

This starts by how you treat them inside the Facebook Group during your challenge and why Launch Perfect™ comes with a “Community Concierge Manual” – we want our customers to give their challenge participants white-glove service.

It pays massive dividends.

MISTAKE 4. Utilizing Shady Marketing Tactics

I have seen some really shady marketing tactics used to increase sales and I am here to tell you, it’s 2022 and everyone is on to you!

Perhaps you’ve seen… “Oh, we are extending the amount of time you can purchase another day!”

Or maybe you’ve experienced emotional manipulation by planting major fear into you if you don’t buy their offer…

Or maybe there’s little substance to their offer so they hype up the results you can get but hide how much work it’s really going to be…

“Fear-based marketing” is over, guys!

When you utilize a 5 day challenge to connect with your audience, you simply don’t need shady marketing tactics.

If you create an environment like I have shared above and deliver your content so everyone has a mini-transformation, people will feel your sincerity and know whether they are the perfect fit for your course or program.

You do not need to trick them with outrageous “this is what it normally costs”, fancy bonuses, or “I decided to keep my cart open an extra day” emails. 

Even if they don’t buy from you immediately during your challenge, you will have created a “fan” and someone that will purchase from you in the future because of trust and connection.

And now my favorite and the biggest mistake of all…

MISTAKE 5. Ignoring The 10 Psychological Triggers

Bad challenges feel like you’ve been fire-hosed with information that didn’t teach you much and then you’re met with a slimy, high-pressure pitch into an offer you don’t even understand. 

Yuck! No one wants to be in that kind of challenge.

What if you could remove all the potential “ick factor” and instead uplift the experience for you and your audience?

It is completely possible by simply adding in ten psychological triggers designed to make your challenge provide connection, transformation and ultimately lead to a load of happy customers!

Most people running challenges don’t know these psychological triggers and it’s the #1 reason challenges flop. 

Here’s what happens when you include all ten triggers:


👉 They provide your audience with the mini-transformation they need during your challenge to see the value in what you do on a larger scale. 
👉 They amplify the trust they have in you, especially important to people that don’t know you well.
👉 They make people understand exactly why you are the person they should work with.

Without these triggers, your audience may feel ambivalent about you even if you know what you’re talking about.

The fact is, no one is teaching these triggers because no one aside from me and my students and clients know this…

Why? Because I am the one that discovered them. After running 50 challenges, certain patterns emerged and I captured the “best of the best” of what works and why.

Yes, I am a complete math and psychology nerd, but…

Turns out, these psychological factors are the key differentiation in high-converting challenges.

In fact, even if you have a challenge system in place and have your content dialed in, if you don’t include these 10 ethical psychological triggers into your challenge, it could still flop.

For example, one of my favorite psychological triggers is the “principle of reciprocity.

When you lead with value in the way you teach,  the principles of reciprocity are activated. 

The principle of reciprocity states that when someone is given something of value, there is a subconscious contract set in place where the other person feels a sense of obligation to return the favor.

There was a study done in 1974 where a social psychologist sent out 600 holiday cards to complete strangers… an astonishing 200 sent a card in return, oftentimes with photos and stories of their families included!

5-Day-Challenge Launch Strategy Mistakes

Helping people is why I’ve incorporated nine more psychological triggers into my Launch Perfect™ system…

so you don’t have to think about sales psychology in order to ethically increase your conversions.

And the super cool thing is, these 10 triggers enhance the experience for your participants…

Imagine them being flooded with dopamine during your challenge so they not only buy your program, but feel good about doing so…


Pretty cool, huh?

I want to help entrepreneurs avoid these mistakes and make their 5 day challenges super successful. 

That’s why I put together the Launch Perfect™ system. 

It’s a proven, repeatable system designed to help heart-centered entrepreneurs, like you, leverage the 10 psychological triggers that wildly increase conversions in 5 Day Challenges.

If you want to finally show up for your launch well-rested, confident, and prepared to impact more people and blow conversions sky high, then check out Launch Perfect™ now.



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